MRS Digital shares the confused marketer’s guide to GA4

Businessman using Google Analytics in the office on the touch screen of his tablet.

With thousands of digital marketers still getting to grips with GA4, Google Analytics agency, MRS Digital, have designed a GA4 help sheet that explains the key updates and changes from GA3. With the steep learning curve that comes from functions being moved, renamed, and gone completely in the update, the familiar comfort of GA3 can prevent many marketers from making the big change. However, come 1st July 2023, they won’t have a choice and could be in for a shock if they don’t make the change soon enough.

The help sheet has been designed with MRS Digital’s years of expertise and knowledge and aims to make what is on the surface a difficult interface, an understandable one. The help sheet compares 16 sections and 79 features so that digital marketers can gain more insight into GA4 and instantly see how the function they’re looking for has changed.

Within the help sheet comes useful comments written by Google Analytics experts to provide a more in-depth explanation of the update to GA4. For example, in the ‘Control User Access’ section, the feature ‘providing users with different level of access’ explains that the GA4 update has implemented account structure changes, meaning that the user access level now has limitations.

Additionally, all the information in the help sheet is written using easy to understand terminology, meaning that even those who use Google Analytics when they need to will still benefit from the help sheet.

John Burton, Head of Strategy at MRS Digital, said:

“Our help sheet is designed to give marketers a snapshot into the future of Google Analytics, as come summer 2023, they could be in with a shock if they are still relying on the familiarity of GA3. Getting to grips with GA4 has seen a lot of turbulence in the marketing industry and it’s clear that marketers who aren’t experts with Google Analytics need a resource to point them in the right direction.”

“There’s still a lot of change to come in Google Analytics, and it’s crucial to learn the basics before that happens. For those who haven’t yet migrated properly and familiarised themselves with GA4, we recommend that this is done as soon as possible. Our help sheet will benefit you, and a lot can be learnt from it.”

As GA4 is updated, new features and tools will become available. Since launch, GA4 updates have included Performance Max and Smart Shopping data becoming available, which provides users more visibility and insight into their campaigns such as the amount of traffic attributed to their campaigns.

MRS Digital are Google Analytics specialists with a wealth of expertise and experience in the marketing industry. As native users of Google Analytics, users of the help sheet can be guaranteed to see their overall knowledge of GA4 enhanced.

When GA4 was initially launched, there was significant resistance from marketers adopting it who had become so accustomed to GA3, only to have it a lot changed in the update. However, it is essential for marketing professionals at all experience levels to learn as much about GA4 as possible, as come summer 2023, GA3 will no longer be an option and the jump to GA4 could be a shock.

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