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On Route To Success

FiiT4GROWTH specialises in high performance coaching for commercial leaders and their teams. It provides companies with the mindset, skillset, and…

On Route To Success

6th June 2023

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FiiT4GROWTH specialises in high performance coaching for commercial leaders and their teams. It provides companies with the mindset, skillset, and tools to reach their full potential. FiiT4GROWTH is able to help its client’s employees grow personally while also developing professionally within their roles.

Individual growth is the catalyst for collective change, which is exactly why FiiT4GROWTH focuses on employees on an individual level as well as a team. It offers customisable programs such as 1:1 coaching, group coaching for 4-6 people, and online training. This is available either in-person or online to employees at all levels.

FiiT4GROWTH uses science-based approaches in its coaching programmes to help elevate a company’s workflow that currently feels stagnant and with no signs of growth. It is able to create high-performance teams, empower all employees, strengthen the culture of the company, and help with succession planning to help companies reach new highs. This leads businesses to grow because their employees are also developing individually. The coaching programmes will also increase job satisfaction which means they will show up to their roles in a completely different way.

The team is at the heart of what FiiT4GROWTH is able to achieve. It is made up of coaches, trainers, and a support team that guide, oversee and support each company’s journey towards reinventing and reaching their full potential within their industry. Passionate about what they do, the team creates a positive and enthusiastic environment for clients and their employees which encourages them learn, grow, and improve. They want to see clients succeed and not only that, but they also have the tools to ensure that they do.


“Culture is critical for our success, and the impact we want to have in the world. If our people feel seen and heard, if they are focused, inspired, engaged, energised and equipped to succeed, then they will succeed. It’s then our responsibility as leaders, to inspire, encourage and uplift them so that they can be their best and do their best. We want to create an environment for our people to communicate, collaborate and co-create the future.”


The core values of the company are spirit of excellence, failing forward, purposeful action, leadership and influence, a growth mindset, and being bold, brave, and brilliant. It presents clients with a positive essence as the company is built around values that are empowering and nurturing. FiiT4GROWTH makes available a perspective to learning that isn’t daunting, or boring, but instead something to be curious and excited about. Often with learning there is a shame surrounding making mistakes, however with the failing forwards value, it does the opposite. Instead, it celebrates mistakes and shows that they are purposeful in the road to success as they are the biggest teachers, and also that making them doesn’t mean you go back where you started, but that mistakes are part of the journey forward.

The approach that FiiT4GROWTH uses for its clients, it uses internally too. It supports its employees by implementing the techniques of its coaching programs. The team’s individual growth is reflected in what FiiT4GROWTH it is able to achieve as its employee’s dedication to improve and learn new things helps the company thrive.

Clients are meet with an experience to learning and growing that is enjoyable and inspiring, not one to dread. As positivity is truly contagious and so is success, by practicing what it preaches, FiiT4GROWTH acts as a role model to its clients and shows them what its possible when making use of its services. That said, it has recently been recognised for its dedication to providing high quality services to its customers. FiiT4GROWTH now holds the title for Best Coaching & Leadership Development Program Provider 2023 – UK.


“We build sincere relationships with our clients, helping them unlock their potential, liberate their greatness, and by doing so, inspiring others around them to do the same.”


Business Excellence is something that FiiT4GROWTH represents, from the programmes that it offers, to how it delivers them, it provides its clients with a pleasant and effective journey towards improving and growing. Its customers are proud to share their experience with FiiT4GROWTH as they praise the positive impact its approaches have had on their companies. For example, one shares, “FiiT4GROTH High Performance Coaching has given me a greater clarity of what I am doing each week and I am better prepared for bigger events. I feel that my leadership is far more tangible, and I have delved more deeply into learning programmes that will support key initiatives and learning.”

In addition, another says, “I was fortunate enough to meet our FiiT4GROWTH Coach at what was arguably the perfect time for our group to come together, have honest conversations and align on our vision for what’s next. Through their positive energy and genuine engagement with all the team, they enabled months of progress in a matter of days. I have attended many external facilitated leadership sessions, and there is no doubt in my mind that FiiT4GROWTH’s personable approach and commitment to our case, made them one of the best I have worked with.”

The future that awaits FiiT4GROWTH is full of surprises as it hopes to positively impact the world alongside its hardworking and inspiring employees. We look forward to seeing the great impact it has to all its future clients in the years to come.

For business enquiries, contact John Roussot from FiiT4GROWTH on their website –

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