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Fantastic Services was established in 2009 when two like-minded individuals started a small cleaning company in London. A decade later, it is a one-stop shop revolutionising the way people book cleaning, gardening and landscaping, handyman, pest control, plumbing, removals, and electrical services, and all in between for their home and office. Today, Fantastic Services is a multi-service global company with a franchise network of more than 530 partners, serving over 50,000 satisfied customers monthly. Join us as we find out more about the business and explore how it earned this issue’s Most Outstanding Cleaning and Home Services Franchise 2021 – UK award.

A leader in the property maintenance industry, Fantastic Services is successfully leveraging its extensive portfolio of over 100 services globally and converting it into high-margin franchise opportunities across three continents – Europe, Australia, and North America.

Its philosophy revolves around the simple idea of delivering an excellent service experience for all customers and crews involved. Each day of the week, it sets out to make yet another 360-degree circle of happiness by doing whatever it takes to keep everybody satisfied. Fantastic Services’ mission is to create services people love, using technology where possible and heart where it matters.

The company boasts a flexible franchise model, which allows companies to start with a single service package and gradually grow their business, adding more services and tradespeople. The Area Development and Master franchise opportunities grant exclusive rights for, respectively, an undeveloped region in the UK and a whole new country. Fantastic Services’ franchisees’ businesses have become the one-stop shop for all home services to local customers who become avid fans of the convenience they offer to them.

Best known for its award-winning franchise support, flexible business model, and disruptive technology, Fantastic Services is always persevering towards the best results for its customers and franchisees. Its 10-year goal is to help 1,000 franchisees build a business worth over £1,000,000. It is already proving this possible, with several Area Development franchisees being proud million-pound business owners.

Many of its competitors and other companies find that “family feeling” can suffer a significant blow as they grow. It is quite a challenge to simultaneously improve the business and still hold on to that team dynamic that was an essential part of getting the whole business off the ground. And Fantastic Services meets this challenge every day. All franchisees operate in different industries and have various challenges, and Fantastic Services admires how different they all are, while at the same time, continuing to foster family values.

In the past 12 years, Fantastic Services has created a fantastic community of young, innovative and motivated people with whom it reaches new heights every day. The truth is, no matter how big it gets, the company will always care about its fantastic family. At the end of the day, family is not only about joy, but it also takes a lot of work and responsibility.

Its 500 in-house expert staff in, marketing, customer care, IT, sales, accounting, and other areas, work together like a well-oiled machine. Each department has its own unique function and output, but when all of them are brought together, they form a fantastic unit. They, together with its franchisees, are the driving force of Fantastic Services.

Fantastic Services serves over 50,000 customers monthly and its membership programme, Fantastic Club has a growing network of over 25,000 active members. The company always takes an individual approach to each customer, and it makes sure all its partners deliver services in line with its standards.

As Rune Sovndahl, Co-Founder and Board Chair, came directly from the tech industry, Fantastic Services was part of the first wave of businesses in the home services industry to offer online booking. It’s a trend which has become a requirement today.

The company has invested over £20 million in a custom-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with two integrated mobile apps. The software addresses the home maintenance business’ specific needs and is an all-in-one place to manage team and client communication.

With many cost- and time-saving capabilities for optimised service provision for anyone who operates as part of the network, the system connects all the data from the apps. It automates the customer booking process, optimises the technicians’ schedule organisation and connects everything seamlessly.

Meanwhile, the pandemic led Fantastic Services to a new level of excellence by pushing it to rapidly develop and launch new, more lucrative services that turned out to be a great success. For instance, it developed antiviral sanitisation and disinfection services in just a couple of weeks. The company’s zeal for innovation was recognised by the Franchise Innovation Award 2020, where it won the award for Most Innovative Service Introduction.

In order to support its clients and franchisees during the pandemic, Fantastic Services had to come up with creative solutions to combat the decline in sales.

Firstly, together with its franchisees, Fantastic Services launched a campaign that offered two hours of free domestic cleaning for all key workers in the UK. As a result, it has supported more than 400 key workers, delivering 360+ hours of free cleaning. The campaign exceeded the company’s bravest expectations by bringing in 1,500 new bookings to its franchisees’ schedules.

Trying to be as transparent as possible, Fantastic Services aims for people to see the real face of franchising and the countless opportunities, and benefits that it offers. Consequently, the company saw not only a spike in the franchise enquiries it received, but it also signed over 20 new Area Development franchisees from the beginning of the pandemic.

In April, it launched its grant programme which provides those who lost their job or small business due to the pandemic with up to £5,000 that covers the initial expenses of starting a Working franchise with Fantastic Services. Since the property maintenance industry has suffered less than other sectors, the company wants to support the UK economy and provide a viable alternative to employment through franchising and help anyone restart their career or business in a high-demand industry.

Anton Skarlatov, Co-Founder and CEO of Fantastic Services commented, “We started Fantastic Services in 2009 with just £5,000 of our own money, and today the business turns over £9.5m, employing hundreds of staff across three continents as we continue to be self-financed. We have always reinvested profits back into the business, and our new grant programme is designed to help empower more domestic service workers to be their own boss.”

Fantastic Services also actively strives to minimise the negative impact on the planet and have a positive effect on the global and local environment, community, society and the economy overall. To meet the triple bottom line, it introduced its new Sustainability Policy, which can be viewed on the company website.

Apart from giving all customers the chance to take care of their homes or offices in a more eco-conscious way, Fantastic Services believes that its franchise model is no less sustainable. It builds small businesses that support local communities. Its franchise enables everyone who wants to start a local business to invest in branded franchise systems and, through hard work and the support by Fantastic Services’ side, create equity in their business. This way, independently owned and operated businesses can deliver a consistent and sustainable brand promise to all customers.

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