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Out Of Office: 5 Team Building Days Your Staff Will Love

Staff morale and motivation keep a workplace happy and productive. We thrive off feeling valued, off having a sense of…

Out Of Office: 5 Team Building Days Your Staff Will Love

29th August 2023

Staff morale and motivation keep a workplace happy and productive. We thrive off feeling valued, off having a sense of belonging. But the daily grind can leave us feeling like we’re running on a hamster wheel and can’t get off.

With work coming in left, right and center, bonding with your colleagues takes a back seat. You might meet for a quick chat at the coffee machine, but how well do your staff really know each other?

A collaborative team is a productive team. And there’s nothing like doing something non-work-related to get to know each other on a personal level, build trust and establish camaraderie.

So, set your email to ‘Out of Office’ and plan an unforgettable team-building day for your staff with these five ideas.

Volunteer Work

Giving back to the community is a great way to give staff a shared purpose. Volunteer work engages staff in a common cause outside the workplace, creating a sense of unity and building positive relationships. It often involves learning opportunities which lead to personal or professional growth.

Volunteer work is fulfilling and meaningful, demonstrating social responsibility from a corporate level and giving staff more reasons to be proud of their workplace. Here are some great ideas for a day of volunteer work:

  • Planting trees in conservation areas.
  • Participating in a charity walk as a team.
  • Organizing a food drive or helping at a local soup kitchen.
  • Arranging a local environmental clean-up.
  • Mentoring and tutoring students at local schools.

Training Workshop

Training days are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of sitting still for hours, taking nothing in and watching the clock. Give your staff the opportunity to learn without sacrificing their sanity.

A good training workshop is interactive and promotes long-lasting professional growth. With clear organization, a charismatic facilitator, and an inspiring venue, you can create a training workshop that’s insightful, impactful and engaging.

Set clear objectives, so your employees know what they can expect to gain from the workshop. It’s also important to include interactive activities to promote open discussion and sharing of ideas. Whether it’s a group discussion or problem-solving task, interaction and collaboration are key to strengthening bonds between staff.

Be sure to choose a spacious training or conference venue with plenty of natural light, fresh air and – of course – delicious catering. With a day of learning ahead of them, your staff will need to stay nourished and alert!

Scavenger Hunt

For some good old-fashioned fun and teamwork, you can’t go past a scavenger hunt.

While your team are enjoying a fun day out, they’ll also be developing their communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. To reach the finish line, teams must share ideas, delegate responsibilities, and support each other – the same traits required for an efficient and productive workplace.

If you’re looking for a way to inject some energy and healthy competition into your team, a scavenger hunt is the way to go.

Cooking Classes

Sometimes team building days call for something completely removed from your daily work obligations. Unless you run a restaurant, what could be more removed than cooking classes?

With its various stress-relieving qualities, cooking is a wonderful shared experience. Your staff will create something tangible through a process of critical decision-making. As they have fun channelling their creative side, they’ll also be developing transferable skills to bring back into the workplace, such as time management, adaptability, multi-tasking, attention to detail and organization.

Guest Speaker

A guest speaker doesn’t always have to be someone in your line of work. Anyone who has overcome challenges, achieved something spectacular or had a unique experience can deliver powerful messages that motivate an audience.

If motivation in your workplace is low, book a guest speaker that will inspire staff to adopt fresh perspectives.

An experienced guest speaker has a way of storytelling that encourages a team to manage obstacles and strive for excellence. Through diverse backgrounds and experiences, guest speakers may teach staff how to appreciate different viewpoints. The shared engagement will create memorable moments for your team, helping each member establish a sense of belonging.

It’s True: Teamwork Really Does Make The Dream Work

A cohesive, collaborative team is highly rewarding on both a personal and professional level. But it requires constant effort. Set aside a few days a year to treat your staff to a day out of the office together. Not only will this avoid a slip in morale, but it will also help them develop new skills to adopt in the workplace.

Regular team building days give staff something consistent to look forward to. When routine becomes monotonous, team culture can suffer. When this happens, a whole workplace can fall out of sync. Don’t let that happen. Show your staff that you’re prepared to invest in them and create regular, memorable team-building events.

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