Performance Marketing Agency of the Year – Singapore

Three co-workers are comparing results and developing a strategy

A company named for and specialising in key performance indicators, KPI Media is an expert in high-growth performance marketing. With a new business unit focusing on new technology being brought in soon – one that will be responsible for developing its own MarTech and AdTech software – KPI is currently pivoting towards focusing on more pre-series A and pre-IPO deals. Part and parcel with this, it has been hard at work organising meetings and get-togethers with its staff so that they can move towards the future with enthusiasm and drive, keeping the spark of ambition lit.

KPI Media, a high-growth performance marketing agency based in Singapore, has set itself apart from other agencies in its region with its specialist services. Fundamentally, performance marketing solutions are highly dedicated and incredibly well organised, all made possible by the fact that this is the only type of marketing it offers. By keeping itself so specific and specialist, it has ensured that each of its performance marketing services is the best it can possibly offer, setting itself head and shoulders above its peers, offering a vast range of solutions that by nature cannot achieve the depth of KPI Media.

KPI’s diligent, tenacious, and committed staff are each expert media buyers who have gained experience working with the biggest brands in the world. Nominally, each of them is an outstanding and leading mind in their field, proven across a variety of jobs, and able to deliver on all key performance indicators on a reliable basis, having made its very name – KPI Media – a reminder of this. Its clients can trust that for its work, KPI Media’s focus will always be on them, their project, and their specifications; undaunted by a challenge, its staff will always strive to go above and beyond expectations, surrounding itself by people who never falter when it comes to delivering its brand promise.

This, a promise to always help a client hit their brand goals, is something that has gained KPI significant notoriety as a trusted brand partner. Emphasising automation, it lets the logistics take care of itself whilst its specialists focus on the numbers and the resulting growth, resulting in a streamlined way of working that its customers directly benefit from, especially the venture-backed start-ups amongst its customer-base. Additionally, thanks to its aid of MarTech clients with elegance and sophistication, it has won a regional account with Meltwater APAC, the world’s first online media monitoring company.

Its customer-facing account managers promise to continue using such innovations to positively impact the performance of its client’s brands, embracing change and keeping its finger on the pulse of the current shifting paradigm so that it can keep abreast of its deeper nuances. Partnered with Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Tiktok, its current growth spurt shows no signs of stopping thanks to the excellence it continually demonstrates. Moreover, through providing a positive working environment to its employees and introducing a new technology business unit responsible for developing its own in-house MarTech and AdTech software, it is excited to continually improve its work efficiency, looking forward to where the new year will take it.

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