Plexteq The Best Software Development Company 2018 – New York


Plexteq is a digital consulting and software engineering company that provides cost-effective solutions at the cutting edge of technology, with R&D centers in Ukraine and Estonia. We profile the firm to learn more and explore the secrets behind the success it enjoys today.

Founded in 2014, Plexteq focuses on professional consulting and end-to-end software engineering services primarily in the SaaS domain. Plexteq customers comprise large and well-known companies operating in the healthcare, communication technologies, e-government, online conferencing and data recovery industries, where the software innovation is most intense.

Plexteq offers its clients from the US, Canada, EU and UK and across the corporate market high-quality services in software engineering, software architecture,
DevOps, quality assurance and data engineering to build and deliver next-generation products and digital experiences.

The product quality and customer satisfaction are controlled at all project stages, and according to the CEO, Alex Moskvin, their exceptional results are achieved by adopting three core corporate values: efficient communication, technical excellence and high-quality processes integrated throughout the company.

Hands-on experience with building Agile processes that follow CMMI v3 and ISO 9001 has made the company efficient and competitive, offering flexibility that doesn’t sacrifice process clarity, predictability or communication. To tackle technical excellence, Plexteq has built a skilled and highly educated team of engineers who hold bachelor’s, master’s or PhDs in computer science. Team members often participate in international hackathons and conferences in order to be on the bleeding edge of technology and add to their know-how for solving ongoing industry challenges. You can see this value of knowledge sharing reflected as a core part of the corporate culture. You can often find the team organizing small in-house meet-ups for their colleagues or giving a public talk at tech conferences.

While consulting and engineering services are the main priority, Plexteq has recently introduced a set of initiatives to keep pace and support sustainable company growth as an innovative solutions provider. Plexteq is now investing in the development of its own SaaS products that allow users to monitor and analyze various types of network traffic flow through mission-critical production servers in order to facilitate the investigation of security incidents and threats.

Another initiative is the company’s contribution to various open-source projects, which supports the corporate culture of knowledge sharing and advances it to the community level.

Overall, Plexteq is a reliable and innovative IT solutions provider. By unifying consulting and engineering services, its own product development and open-source initiatives, Plexteq enhances the customer experience to provide truly cutting-edge support and unique software products.

Company: Plexteq

Contact: Alex Moskvin

Address: 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2, Valley Cottage, New York, 10989, USA

Phone: 1 415 429 10 67