Private Laboratories: How to train Your Technicians on Multi-mode Microplate Readers

Laboratories that were using microplate readers during the pandemic saw in increase in business as they were overflowed with demands for tests that indicated if a patient was positive with the COVID-19. This was one of the earliest methods that were used, long before self-tests started to be sold in pharmacies around the world. Multi-mode microplate readers have become a necessity in laboratories, as they are able to accomplish a large variety of tests in various fields. This is what you need to know about them and how to train your technicians.

What are Multi-mode Microplate Readers?

Multi-mode microplate readers are laboratory instruments that are used to measure biological, chemical, or physical reactions. They offer various detection modes, such as absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence. In the world of scientific research, multimode microplate readers are a valuable tool. These devices are capable of precisely measuring and analyzing various biological and chemical assays that are conducted within a microplate. This explains why a multi-mode microplate reader is widely used in medical research and clinical laboratories.

Which fields of Science are they used for?

Multi-mode microplate readers are commonly used in life science research fields. They include biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cellular biology, as well as drug discoveries. They are particularly useful when multiple measurements are required from the same sample, as the microplate allows for easy processing of different ones, all at the same time. In fact, the ability to measure multiple detection modes from one sample in a single instrument is a major advantage of multimode microplate readers, which explains why so many private laboratories have acquired one or more, in the latter years. Once they do so, training becomes necessary for the technicians. We will now look at the best way to educate them.

How to Best Train Your Technicians to the use of Multi-mode Microplate Readers?

If there is one solution that should always be selected, it is to have the manufacturer provide some training sessions inside the laboratory. The representatives of these companies know all about the machines that they provide to their customers and can respond to any question your personnel may have. Also, they usually leave behind various resources that technicians can use to learn more on the subject, and they provide links to online video tutorials and webinars.

In a second step, laboratories should look into training workshops and seminars offered by organizations that focus on laboratory technology. It should be noted that some professional associations that are related to the field in which the laboratory specializes, can also help in educating the technicians. Finally, it is important to make sure that newcomers are also trained as they some into the lab by those who will have been using the multimode microplate readers acquired previously.

Multi-mode microplate readers will help science gain new grounds in a variety of fields in the years to come. Laboratories that will have incorporated them will be the ones benefiting from the high-demand to come.