Ray of Sunshine

Software programming

The digital world is one that must be embraced by businesses that want to thrive in today’s marketplace. Augmented Reality and app development are the order of the day. For those who struggle to achieve success, there is always Easyray. Named Best International Software Development Agency 2020 – Italy in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we took the opportunity to profile the firm and find out more.

Computer science is a constantly evolving industry, changing by the day. For businesses trying to keep up, it can be immensely tiring. The team at Easyray specialise in getting the right results for their customers. Instead of struggling to learn the minutiae required to get started with the digital marketplace, Easyray is equipped to provide a solution that gets its clients where they want to be.

It’s a large and talented team of professionals that make up Easyray, combining an enormous amount of experience that allows them to thrive no matter what the project. Instead of wasting time, the team take a proactive approach to software development, learning what is required and exploring how to achieve the best results.

A dedicated team of creative, designers and developers make up the Easyray team, and are capable of handling whatever is required of them. This means that tasks from mobile applications, web design and marketing all the way through to project management and IT training can be undertaken by the firm. With years of expertise, it is ideally positioned to provide the best possible support in this field.

Of the many ways in which Easyray can play a valuable role in the success of any business, it is in the provision of POS, SmartCard and traceability systems that they have achieved the most success. The team are capable of supporting any step in the smart card development life cycle, designing each to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The firm also handle smart card customization for demo, presentation or pilot roll-outs. Everything from state-of-the-art, simple Java Card to storage cards such as HID iCLASS and Mifare and multi-application operating systems such as MULTOS is in the company’s grasp, and demonstrates how effective a group they can be, and how valuable a partner they are to many.

Because Easyray embraces the digital landscape, it boasts clients from around the globe. Customers from Dubai, London and New Zealand have all been able to benefit from the team’s impressive work ethic. The reasons behind this success are simple – the team make an effort to employ English speaking technicians who can easily bridge the gap between home and away.

Under the capable stewardship of CEO and founder Ing. Antonio Raimondo, Easyray has grown since its humble beginnings. Originally set up in 2001, it was a freelance group focused on usability and User Experience. To this day, these two factors remain vital to the way in which Easyray operates.

Because the firm has such a broad appeal, it has never struggled to find work. Indeed, those who use the service become frequent repeat clients. Currently, Easyray boasts a formidable portfolio of more than 40 private companies, each with their own specific needs and requirements.

A passion for excellence drives Easyray onward, and the team have achieved many great things over the years. These successes have come from an ability to adapt to meet the challenges of the day. Because of this, they are always striving for excellence, which keeps them ahead of the competition in business.

For more information, please contact Antonio Raimondo at www.easyray-pro.com