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Ready-to-Use Text Message Templates for Businesses.

James Bosley, marketing manager at Esendex, has put together some quick and easy SMS templates that’ll be useful for various…

Ready-to-Use Text Message Templates for Businesses

15th September 2021

Illistrated SMS marketing concept, with a giant phone sending messages to people

With the pandemic forcing businesses to increase their digital presence, there’s never been more pressure to ‘cut through the noise’ to gain new customers while retaining existing ones. A survey from Esendex shows that 30% of people receive more than five emails from businesses every day, compared to just 6% for text message; and they’re 10% more likely to read messages sent through their phone than via email too.

But how do you catch your customer’s attention and actually get them to engage with you? James Bosley, marketing manager at Esendex, has put together some quick and easy SMS templates that’ll be useful for various teams across your business.


Debt collection

It can be time and money intensive chasing customers that have outstanding debt. It’s also a difficult-to-raise topic that must be handled with sensitivity and care. The onus lies with businesses to ensure their customers feel supported while offering various payment options.



  1. Dear [customer name], your latest statement is now available to view here [link]. Please remember to make the minimum payment of [amount] before [time period], by [method].

First reminder

  1. Hi [customer name]. You have an outstanding balance of [amount]. Please visit [link] to make a payment as soon as possible or call [number] to discuss the matter further. Thank you.


  2. Hi [customer name]. Unfortunately, we have not seen any payments for the last [time period] days, we just wanted to make sure everything is ok. Please call [phone number] to update us on your current situation and to avoid any further collections activity. We are open [dates and times]. If you have been in contact with us in the last [time period] days to update us on your situation, please ignore this message
SMS marketing final payment reminder example message

Final reminder


  1. Dear [customer name], unfortunately, we have still not received payment for the outstanding sum of [amount]. We urge you to reply to this message within the next [time period] to avoid any legal action that may be taken to recover your debt.
SMS marketing example message of overdue payment

Payment options


  1. Dear [customer name],
    Your payment of [amount] is now overdue. We want to give you some options to help.

    Make a part-payment
    Set up a payment plan
    Talk to us
    <once customer replies>
    Thank you [customer name]. Please follow the link to make a secure online payment, or call [phone number] [link].
SMS marketing thank you for payment example message

Thank you


  1. Thank you. Your payment of [amount] has been received and will be processed within [time frame]. Your authorisation code for this payment is [number]. If you’d like to turn on payment reminders for your account, reply with ‘remind me’.

Customer satisfaction

One of the most important parts of running a business is ensuring that your customers are kept up-to-date and are happy with the service and/or products you provide. Running regular surveys are a great way to receive feedback and get to the heart of what your customers want.


Notifications, reminders and alerts



  1. Hey [customer name]. Your [product] from [company name] has been dispatched and should be with you shortly. While you wait, would you like to check out some [product] we think would go well with your [product]? We’ll even throw in a 10% discount for you.
  2. Your parcel is scheduled to be delivered between [time] and [time]. If this is no longer convenient, please reschedule – [link].

Appointment management


  1. Hi [customer name], your appointment is at [time] on [date]. Please confirm if you can make it.
    Yes, see you there!
    I need to reschedule
    <if the latter>

    No problem, your current booking is now cancelled. Follow the link to rebook online or text us back if you prefer:
SMS marketing message of an appointment reminder example message



  1. Do you have any specific feedback about your experience you would like to share with us? Please reply with any comments you wish to share.
  2. Hi [customer name], thank you for your recent enquiry with us. Was your question answered? Y or N.


<If customer replies yes>


That’s great! Out of 10, what rating would you give the person who spoke to you based on their helpfulness?

Thank you. Finally, would you recommend us to a friend or colleague? Please provide us with a score from 0-10 (0 being definitely not).

  1. We hope you had a good experience with [company name] today. We would love it if you could spare a few minutes to fill out our customer feedback survey [link]. There is an opportunity at the end of the survey to be entered into a prize draw to win [product]. Thank you.



Sending marketing and promotional messages can be a great way to reward loyal, returning customers, while enticing potential customers to make their first purchase.

Welcome message


  1. Hi there, welcome to [company name]. You will receive updates on your orders as well as exclusive deals right here in messenger. Is there anything else we can help you with today

    [Give options]

  2. Hooray! Welcome to the [company name] family. You’ll never struggle with [problem] again! We’re always happy to help and love receiving feedback too, which you can submit via our online form here <LINK>. Why not follow us on our social media pages too where you can keep up-to-date with [insert words here].

Flash sale


  1. Get FREE shipping on all orders placed today. No minimum required. Shop now: <LINK>.
  2. Hi [customer name], flash sale – for the next 3 hours only! Get 30% off on all [product] before [time].
  3. Hi [customer name], show this text in-store to get an EXTRA 20% off on all [products]. Strictly for this weekend only and while stock lasts.

New products launch


  1. Hi [customer name], the wait is over! The NEW LIMITED EDITION [product] has arrived. Hurry and shop now before they sell out [link].
  2. Hey [customer name], we’ve just launched our new [product] range and would like to offer you some exclusive deals. Check out [link].
SMS Marketing example message offering discount

Personalised offer


  1. Happy birthday [customer name]. Enjoy [percentage] off site wide on your special day by using the code [code] at the checkout. Valid until [date].
  2. Hi [customer name], we have it on our records that you’ve previously purchased a [product]. We have some similar [products] you might like and would like to offer you an exclusive discount on them using the code [code]. Valid until [date].

Referral programme


  1. Love our [products/service]? Recommend us to a friend and you both get [discount] when they [sign up/order] using the code [code]
  2. Will you help us spread the word? Give your friends and family [discount] off their first [insert word here] when they use your personal referral code [code]. You’ll get [discount] when they do!

Business Continuity


It’s equally as important to keep in touch with your employees as it is to keep your customers in the loop. Alongside recruitment, businesses can use SMS messaging to notify employees of new or upcoming shifts, and to relay crucial information in times of an emergency.

Business critical communications

Temporary office closure


  1. Good morning. Overnight we had a power outage at the [location] branch/store, which we’re working hard to fix. Please log on remotely and await further instruction. We thank you for your patience.
SMS marketing example message of office closure warning

Local emergency


  1. ATTENTION! There has been an emergency in [location]. Please confirm your location and status as SAFE or REQUIRE ASSISTANCE by responding to this message with your employee ID number. If you require emergency assistance please dial 999.
  2. ATTENTION! A member of staff in the [location] office has tested positive for Covid-19. If you have been in contact with this person since [date], please inform your line manager. Please visit the NHS website for more information and advice.

Mobilise teams


  1. ATTENTION! Mains pipe damage alert at [organisation name] [address] your assistance is required. Please confirm receipt of this message and estimated time of arrival for yourself and your team as soon as possible. For more information, please contact [person in charge] on [phone number] as soon as possible.
SMS marketing example message of a local mains pipe bursting

Shift management


  1. We have an available shift this [day] from [time] to [time]. If you are available for this slot please reply directly to this message.
  2. Hello. A [job title] is required this afternoon at our [location] branch/store. If you are available to work, please contact [name] on [phone number]. Thank you.



Employee surveys


  1. Hi [name]. We work hard to ensure we’re an employer of choice and would to hear how you find working at [company name]. Please could you spare a few minutes to fill in this feedback form <LINK>
  2. Hi [name]. [Number] a year, we like to gather feedback from our employees through a short feedback form which you can find here <LINK>. The survey should take no longer than <time> to complete, but will provide us with valuable insights. Please note that you can leave your name, or remain anonymous if you prefer.



Employee recruitment and onboarding


SMS messaging can be used to alert job hunters to new opportunities, set up – or rearrange – interviews, and assist with the onboarding process. With a 95% open rate for SMS, it ensures fast communication between the business and its employees and prospective employees, and is less likely to be missed.




  1. Hello [Name], we have an exciting job opportunity in the finance sector, based in London. If you are interested please reply MORE INFO to this message or call the team on [Phone number].
  2. Hello [Name]. We can confirm your interview on [date] at [time] with [Interviewer name]. Please attend [Location]. Thank you.


Book Staff


  1. Hello [Name], [business name] requires extra staff on [date] in [location]. If you’re available to work, please text back or call [phone number]




  1. Hello [Name], welcome to [company name], we’re excited to have you on board. Your first day will be at our [location] office, please arrive at [time] on [date]. If you have any questions please contact [manager name] on [phone number].

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