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Recruiting Leaders.

boardsi is a unique, Californian headhunting and recruitment firm that concentrates on securing Executives for Board of Directors and Board…

Recruiting Leaders

5th January 2021


boardsi is a unique, Californian headhunting and recruitment firm that concentrates on securing Executives for Board of Directors and Board of Advisors roles. Bridging the gap between modern companies and advisory solutions, boardsi has created a selection of strategies designed to bring accommodating, all-encompassing solutions to companies, regardless of their shape or size. Since 2016, boardsi’s priorities have been built around promoting the relationships and connections between companies and executives that are vital to growing businesses, whether they are a large corporation or a smaller, independent organization. We put together a profile of boardsi to find out more about how they are revolutionizing the recruitment process for modern executives and companies.

Established in 2016, boardsi is a unique headhunting and recruitment firm specializing in the recruitment of Executives for Board of Directors and Board of Advisor positions, located in El Dorado Hills and Petaluma, California.

Boardsi has successfully gathered an expansive, private network of first-class executives, each of whom seek to join a company as a board member, and already have the time, commitment and experience to dive straight into an organization that is seeking expertise and leadership. Although specializing in boards of directors or advisors, boardsi is also equipped to provide single advisors as well, if this is what a company is looking for.

Meanwhile, boardsi has also established close relationships with businesses of all sizes and niches, from privately funded to public companies, and works B2B and B2C, often both at the same time. The boardsi process helps them to identify and fill any gaps in their current boards and then use their meticulous onboarding call systems to establish the type of executives needed, using their platform and comprehensive resources to find the perfect match.

Through these services, boardsi seeks to be the first choice for executives and organizations who are seeking to revolutionize their business, setting those executives on their path towards a successful career in an advisory role. Fundamentally, boardsi wants to be a one-stop solution to all levels of businesses, to speed up the board recruitment process. In only four years, boardsi has already seen success in their mission.

Whilst the true factor to the success which makes them stand out from the crowds of their competitors is a well-kept company secret, a great deal of boardsi’s success can be put down to their two-tier approach. The first element is their platform that provides executives with opportunities that are only available through boardsi. Second, is the firm’s other database of companies that do not necessarily want to be openly available on the platform, but are constantly on the lookout for any new talent that joins boardsi, who might fit the profile they are seeking. It is for this reason that boardsi is always striving to add new, talented executives to their growing network.

Another factor, and perhaps boardsi’s worst-kept secret behind their success, is the people that drive the organization. Martin Rowinski, tech entrepreneur and CEO of boardsi says, “I have never led a better group of motivated individuals. The excitement they bring every day to the office, or on a call is a difference-maker. I truly believe everyone working at boardsi loves what we do and are excited to meet all the new executives and hear their stories.”

Indeed, every member of staff plays a vital role in the organization, each collaborating and bringing ideas that contribute to the growth of clients and boardsi itself. The team has grown slowly and organically, and everyone that is recruited has a long-standing relationship with boardsi or someone within the firm. boardsi looks out for open-minded, motivated, driven and happy employees, and the result is a team of self-starting, mission-driven individuals with a passion for innovation. The team takes joy in their work, celebrating every success and as devoted to the office dogs, Leo and Lambo, as they are to their work.

However, boardsi has recognized that the present business world benefits only the biggest and most financially lucrative companies in terms of getting leading executive advisors and other advisory bodies, at the expense of smaller, growing businesses. This is widening the gap between big and small businesses, leaving the people that occupy executive board positions in the small companies with little options to explore and grow their businesses.

The team behind boardsi do not agree with this idea and as such are each committed to their mission of levelling the playing field, redefining the present system of seeking professional advisory services and revolutionizing how executives join forces in pursuit of common goals. boardsi aims to fast track new ways that will ease the relationship between businesses and executive, facilitating crucial and sustainable growth to success.

Whilst the growth of their clients’ businesses is boardsi’s priority, they are also able to celebrate their own growth and evolution. However, their philosophy and mission remain consistent and their delivery of solutions for the executives in their network will always remain simple and efficient.

However, presenting an executive with a role or potential career path can only do so much. Acknowledging this, boardsi is now looking to see how it can help companies to bring their new executives seamlessly onboard and as such is developing their services. Fundamentally, the process of recruitment is a two-way street and the executive has to perform exceptionally in an interview for themselves, without relying on boardsi. Consequently, the firm is now working on education and training tools for their executives, which will put their Board of Documents together and equip them with the best chances of landing the next board opportunity. In this way, boardsi’s next step is guiding clients to their own next step’s in the pursuit of an advisory career.

Growing fast every day, boardsi does not like to think about the destination that they are aiming for as a business. Instead, they prefer to concentrate on their journey of growth and development, exploring how they can be better at what they do. Wherever the journey may take this ambitious firm, it will undoubtedly be an exciting one to watch.

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