Rent a Minibus in Berlin with a Driver: Ideal Way to Organize Events

When the process of organizing an event rests on your shoulders, you, like no one else, understand that it is necessary to solve just a huge number of issues so that everything goes flawlessly. One of the biggest problems is the organization of transportation of all participants of the event.
How do you make sure everyone gets to their destination in Berlin comfortably and safely? There is a way out – use minibus rental Berlin. In addition, for greater convenience, you can use the services of a professional driver.
Thus, it is possible to organize any kind of event if you need to transport up to 16 people. It can be a school trip with students, a business trip, a family trip, a corporate event, a wedding, and much more.

Corporate events and business trips

Whether you plan your corporate event at Spreespeicher, Aptm, or Restaurant Oderberger, you need to safely transport all company employees. Many can come on their own, but you may encounter the fact that someone will be late or someone will encounter problems along the way. If you have a whole range of activities planned for this evening, then you are unlikely to want someone to be late or something bad to happen to your valuable employees.
The same applies to the organization of business trips. Business conferences, meetings with clients, and meetings with partners – each of these events requires you to take great responsibility. If you and your team travel to every event by public transport, you may be late, ruin your business suits, sweat, and smell bad at meetings. Whereas if you rent a minibus Berlin, you could comfortably, in an air-conditioned cabin, reach your destination, and during the trip, you could devote time to your speech and performance.

School field trips and outings

Every year Berlin hosts a huge number of events for children and students. Visiting exhibitions and museums can improve the horizons, entertain, inform, and also teach children something new. You can go to Futurium, Museum für Naturkunde, or Extavium Potsdam to visually show and explain to students how the world works.
When you leave the territory of the school, the safety of each student rests on your shoulders. By renting a minibus with a driver, you can quickly get to any place, and during the trip, you can tell students more about the museum and exhibitions that you are going to visit. Moreover, you will be sure of the safety of each student.

Wedding and family trips

A minibus can be the perfect way to transport your guests, family, and friends to your wedding venue. Instead of each guest calling a taxi or using public transport, you can show them that they are taken care of.
If you want to arrange a trip to Berlin for the whole family, visit the Reichstag, Schaübuhne am Lehniner Platz, the Brandenburg Gate, or other attractions, the best way is to rent a minibus with a driver. You can easily reach cultural attractions. In one day you will be able to see more charms of the city than if you organized the trip yourself.

Main advantages

It is already clear that if you need to transfer a group of people from point A to point B, then there is no better way than renting a minibus with a driver. If you need to organize a group event soon, then go to to book the right vehicle and plan your trip.
In addition to comfort, the following advantages can be distinguished:
If you need to visit several events or places, then public transport will be much more expensive, as you will need to make many transfers. Thus, you can save on your trip.
Professional and experienced drivers will ensure your safety. The rental service has drivers with many years of experience in their staff. They know Berlin inside and out, so you don’t need to worry.
You can use your travel time to meet your needs, whether it’s to read a report, surf the Internet, or enjoy a view of a landmark from your window.


If you need to transport a group of people from 5 to 16 people, then there is no more reliable, safe and comfortable way than renting a minibus with a driver. You can hire a vehicle for any occasion. The rental service will make sure that you have a great time.