Research & Development Centres Growth and Services

In the growing world of technology, Research and Development (R&D) centres are becoming more and more essential in providing innovative services to businesses. But what exactly is R&D in software, and what services are provided by a software R&D center? Read on to find out how software R&D center services can help your business reach its full potential.

What are research and development services?

Before you learn how to work with an International R&D Center, you need to know what R&D is all about. Research and development (R&D) services refer to the activities that a company undertakes to improve existing products or create new ones. This can include researching new technologies, testing new materials, and developing new manufacturing processes. R&D is typically focused on improving a company’s competitiveness by creating new or improved products or by reducing the costs of existing products.

A company’s internal R&D department can provide R&D services, or they can be outsourced to specialized R&D service providers. These service providers can research on behalf of a company, or they can offer advice and guidance to help a company develop its own R&D capabilities.

What services are typically offered by a Software Research & Development Center?

Тhere are many services offered by R&D companies. Let’s see the main ones.

Software development

Software development is one of the core services offered by the standard Software Research & Development Center. The centre’s experienced developers specialize in creating custom software solutions for clients, including web and mobile applications, enterprise software, and embedded systems. 

Whether a small project or a complex enterprise solution, the center should have the expertise and knowledge to develop software that meets the client’s specific needs.

Research and innovation

Research and innovation are vital aspects of software development, and it’s a key service provided by an R&D center. The center conducts research to identify new and emerging technologies that can be used to improve existing products or create new ones. This research allows the center to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and offer cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

Additionally, the centre’s team of experts can help the client to understand the potential of the new technology and how it can be applied to their specific situation, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Prototyping and testing

Research and development facilities typically offer prototyping and testing services. The center develops and tests software solution prototypes to verify they satisfy client needs. This procedure ensures that the center delivers a high-quality solution tailored to each client’s specific demands before releasing the final product. 

Essential to the software’s successful implementation is the centre’s skilled staff of engineers and testers working together to guarantee the software is functional, efficient, and user-friendly.

Technical consulting

R&D centres also offer their clients technical advice. Customers can get technical advice and direction from the centre’s experts, who can point them in the direction of the most suitable software solutions.

They are able to aid in the preparation and design of software solutions and advise on the best technologies to employ. 

The technical consulting service provided by the center can help clients save money by reducing wasted effort and ensuring that their software solution is flexible enough to accommodate their needs as they evolve.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a critical service provided by R&D centres. The centres’ quality assurance team tests software to ensure it is free of bugs and meets industry standards. This process guarantees that the software is reliable and performs as expected.

The centre’s quality assurance process includes both automated and manual testing, which includes functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, and security testing. It makes sure that the software is thoroughly tested and that any problems are found and fixed before it is sent to the client. 

Maintenance and support

R&D hubs provide a much-needed service by way of maintenance and support. The hubs offer continuing maintenance and support services to guarantee that their software solutions operate smoothly and adequately serve their clients.

Developers and support engineers in the center keep an eye on the code, fix bugs when they pop up and update and improve the program as needed. The customer is free to focus on running their business as usual while the R&D center watches over their software and makes sure it is always up-to-date.


R&D facilities typically offer API integrations as an additional service. Many companies have a wide variety of software applications that they employ for various purposes; the center can combine these into one unified system that meets the requirements of each client. 

The result is a streamlined solution for the customer, with everything they need available through a single interface. The professionals at the center may help the client integrate their various software platforms (customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources (HR), and more) into a single, easily accessible system. 

Cloud services

Clients can get assistance adopting cloud computing and continuing maintenance for cloud-based software solutions from software R&D centres. Scalability, accessibility, and lower overall costs are just a few of the advantages of cloud-based solutions. 

Clients can save money on software updates and maintenance with the help of software R&D centres that take advantage of cloud computing.

Experts at the center can guide customers through migrating their on-premises software to the cloud and recommend the finest cloud platforms and services. 


Providing training to customers is a fundamental part of any software R&D centre’s service offering. The knowledgeable staff at the center can teach the client’s team how to install, configure, and fix software so that it is used to its fullest potential.


With the help of a software R&D center, clients can access a wide range of services, including software development, research and innovation, prototyping, testing, technical consulting, quality assurance, maintenance, integration, cloud services, training, and product development, to help them improve their existing products or create new ones and stay competitive.