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When a crisis arises, people don’t want to quibble over their insurance policy. They want to know what resources they have, in order to get back on track as soon as possible. Often, however, policyholders find themselves underpaid on the settlements they not only deserve but need to move on. Working hard to right these wrongs is Henry Rodriguez of Municipal Claims Management Services. Named as a Leader in Insurance Claims Management 2021 – Florida in Corporate Vision’s series on Corporate Excellence, we took a closer look to find out more.

When Hurricane Andrew slammed Florida in 1992, Henry Rodriguez found himself in a curious position. He was working on an apartment building renovation in Miami, a project that had an abundance of material and manpower, when he was contacted by family and friends. In the aftermath of this catastrophe, they had found their insurance lacking. Sitting in his uncle’s roofless house, Henry was stunned to hear that his uncle had received a check for $20,000, while the cost of repairs was in the region of $150,000. It was the first time Henry examined an insurance policy, and the start of a long and happy career.

Over the last thirty years, Henry had become one of the leading lights of the insurance industry, acting as a Certified Insurance Appraiser, Adjuster, and Umpire. As CEO of Municipal Claims Management Services, he has become a trusted partner with individuals and organizations across Florida and the surrounding states. Henry still lives in Florida, and his familiarity with the devastating social and financial impacts of hurricanes is what drives him to achieve success for his clients every day.

Henry’s work has seen his team working with all sorts of organizations, ranging including Policyholders, Insurance companies, Governments and Municipalities, Law Firms, and HOAs to settle disputed insurance claims efficiently and effectively through Appraisal. His word is based on years of experience in the field and is trusted throughout the industry. For this reason, he is often called upon and court appointed to serve as Umpire in a myriad of cases.

The challenges of negotiating fair claims with insurance companies after any loss are naturally numerous, and the field requires an expert to ensure that homeowners and commercial policyholders alike understand their options. This must be done before potentially costly and time-consuming litigation takes place. When someone is in trouble, help is needed quickly, and it must be effective enough to really make a difference. Because of his long and hard-won experience, Henry Rodriguez is the first port of call for many who need a helping hand to get back on their feet.

The role of an insurance company adjuster is to settle the claim as quickly as possible, for as little as possible. Often adjusters are under immense pressure to meet strict loss ratio guidelines that protect the profits of an insurance company. When a team takes on Municipal Claims Management Services, they take on a team that is committed to providing accurate estimates.

Historically, many firms have taken a confrontational approach to these cases, but at the heart of every decision made by Henry Rodriguez and his team is a commitment to fairness to all sides. The team look at the contract between the client and their insurance company to understand precisely what has been committed to by all sides. It is steadfastly transparent in its operation, with integrity and professionalism at its core. Some firms promise the stars, but the team at Municipal Claims Management Services utterly commits to what you can claim. It’s a defensive approach that anticipates what might be contested and allows the team to prepare a comprehensive answer backed by an overabundance of proof.

It’s not unfair for policyholders to want clarity in what their policy provides, especially when it comes to avoiding misunderstandings and receiving what they have spent years of their lives paying in for. Municipal Claims Management Services brings this strong sense of fairness to every case, making sure to act objectively when bringing their years of experience in the field to bear on insurers. Their knowledge means that loss can be quickly, properly resolved when all parties act in good faith. Vigorously defended and precisely presented when need be.

Over the years, Henry and his team has had an enormous impact on the industry. Their work has been instrumental with the development of stronger building codes brought about by the work done with experts in many disciplines. Much of this is based on his diverse experience working alongside insurance companies, contractors, engineers, architects, building officials, and other subject matter experts. They are just a small part of a comprehensive network of associates who share his passion for fairness when it comes to insurance.

As a result of this work, he has had great success with large-scale emergency claims management. These cases are notoriously complex, with many different factors at play. Ensuring a sense of balance throughout is not easy but certainly key to ensuring success.

Alongside his successful career advocating for fairness on behalf of clients, Henry has been instrumental in the authoring of jargon-free Standard Operating Procedures that are applicable to various industries. All of these have been approved by Federal and State Government Agencies. What are by design complex industry practices have been broken down into simpler steps, held to the standards of transparency that Henry uses in his all work as appraiser or umpire. For clients, the ability to empower themselves to take on large insurance companies is due in no small part to his impressive body of work and a crew second to none.

For his work appraising losses nationally and internationally and his ongoing commitment to his local community through disaster recovery and advocating for fairer insurance policies, Henry has been recognized and applauded across the state of Florida and beyond. He was awarded prestigious ACAC Certifications, as well as two Certificates of Recognition by Mayor Regalado of Miami and Vice Mayor Suarez and Mayor Muhina of the City of West Miami. These awards are a credit to his significant accomplishments and exemplary citizenry.

Since those humble beginnings in the wreck of his uncle’s house, Henry has committed himself to ensuring that people have access to the support they need and deserve. It’s not just a financial settlement, but a way of moving forward at a difficult time. As such, when faced with even the most disruptive circumstances to themselves, their loved ones, or their property, clients can confidently rely on their partners in insurance matters, Henry Rodriguez and the team at Municipal Claims Management Services.

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