Strategically Securing Success

Human Thinking

Strategic thinking and clear business-focused goals can go a long way in helping companies ensure long-term competitive value. In a world that is moving faster with each passing day, remaining competitive is key to continued success. For firms in search of a partner to help capitalise on strategic opportunities, Human Thinking is on hand to help. One of the UK’s leaders in management consulting for 2020, we profile the firm to learn more.

For management consultancies looking to help businesses grow and thrive in competitive industries, it is simply not enough to think about the company’s financial performance. Understanding how the people that make up a business operate in key functions can often lead to unprecedented levels of success in implementing new processes and procedures to help a business grow. That is exactly what the team at Human Thinking do, working collaboratively with client teams to effectively deliver value in the form of strategic opportunities and carefullyconsidered methodologies.

At its core, Human Thinking is a management consultancy, working with client teams to identify strategic opportunities that deliver long-term competitive value. After identification, the team at Human Thinking then define and implement processes and practices that are aligned with a client’s culture, organisational structure and resource capability. Those newlyimplemented processes help create a framework that delivers rapid commercialisation for the launch of a client’s products and services, in the context of previously agreed strategic goals. Delivering all of this is a team of highly-trained and motivated individuals who want to see client businesses succeed.

A management consultancy is brought into a company to help with a number of issues, from fixing a long-standing problem, to changing team behaviours, to improving immediate growth and profitability. As a result, the people that management consultancies, such as Human Thinking, work with are often frustrated, worried or feeling insecure about a lack of results. In order to be an effective and strategic partner within this arena of work, the team at Human Thinking ensure a high level of emotional intelligence to the work carried out.

This starts at the beginning of any client relationship. To establish a partnership with clients, Human Thinking firstly takes the time to understand everything about a client’s business. From the culture to how people within different teams across the organisation interact with one another, this understanding forms the foundation of the work itself. On this basis, both client and firm can go about approaching the business needs with complete mutual trust and understanding of how strategic change can be applied across the organisation.

By refining what needs to be understood in order to properly effect change, the team at Human Thinking has become highly-skilled in creating collaborative relationships and frameworks. Perhaps most crucially in establishing a trusted relationship as a strategic partner, the team at Human Thinking ensure that when agreed strategies or process are not delivering results, responses and resolutions can be agreed and implemented quicker.

Human Thinking operates unlike other management consultancies. Building upon the foundations of strong strategic partnerships, the firm offers its clients support across leadership, management, and operational functions. Through these areas of focus, Human Thinking’s services are structured to meet the businesses needs in three key areas: strategic opportunity, operational excellence, and programme management for fast commercialisation.

Believing that strategic thinking should result in instant action that is clearly understood, the team at Human Thinking uses experience design methodologies when crafting processes and procedures. Each process is designed to increase collaborative work between the firm and its clients. Through this, both Human Thinking and the clients can understand insights and outcomes, whilst supporting strategic and operational implementation through proper documentation.

Consulting is not just restricted to one size or type of business. Where there are business challenges, Human Thinking can provide support in recognising a solution. With clients ranging from tech start-ups in Kenya to multinational companies on the Fortune 250, flexibility is a huge part of the firm’s offering. Working with client teams in different countries and time zones might once have been a more difficult task than it is now, but Human Thinking are expertly positioned to capitalise on this global market. Utilising the latest range of communication and collaboration tools means that the team works with clients, no matter where they are.

As the world heads into the next decade, it is important to reflect on what has been a tumultuous 2019. For Human Thinking in particular, last year represented a mix of success, surprise and reflection. As the list of client relationships continues to grow, so too does the development of people within Human Thinking in building long-term growth.

For the team at Human Thinking, this new decade represents challenges and opportunities for managing growth and maintaining consistency in delivering value to clients. Opportunities will be recognised in three key areas. Firstly, defining strategies that can create long-term value within an uncertain and rapidly changing business environment. Secondly, structuring and managing data infrastructure that creates a central and valuable knowledge and reporting platform to enable teams to effectively manage assets in easy-to-navigate ways.

Lastly, focusing on people. Supporting behavioural change within the teams of people who deal with customers can help propel both Human Thinking and its clients to new levels of success. That way, clients can have teams of people who deliver customer-centric, data-driven, and fast-moving commercialisation practices that launch superior products and services to market that much quicker without compromising on quality.

Ultimately, the management consultancy services on offer from Human Thinking delivers capabilities that all businesses should be striving for, regardless of the size of the organisation. The ability to be informed with the right information whilst moving fast, thinking fast, and delivering above expectations has become a cornerstone of being competitive. Ensuring that the strategies and implementation plans recognise the organisational culture and the teams and people within, clients can trust that a strategic partnership with Human Thinking will deliver success.

Company: Human Thinking
Contact: Kristof Harling