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Success in Security & Risk Management.

Founded in 2007, Cornerstone has become an innovative security consultancy firm, and received Best Security & Risk Management Consulting Firm…

Success in Security & Risk Management

15th June 2021

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For business owners protecting their company and minimising risk is always a hugely important task, but as workforces shift to the world of remote working it’s become increasingly clear that companies cannot afford to become complacent when it comes to managing their security and mitigating risk. Enter Cornerstone, an industry leading and innovative security consultancy firm and this year’s recipient of Best Security & Risk Management Consulting Firm 2020 – UK in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards. We take a look at the firm and speak to Director, Narinder Dio, to find out more.

CornerStone was founded back in 2007 to provide independent security consultancy services to the global corporate security market. The company helps organisations to protect their people, premises, intellectual property, and profits by identifying security threats and reducing risks that today’s businesses face.

Since their inception, CornerStone’s mission is to deliver unrivalled levels of client support through their expertise, unique delivery process, commit to excellence and workings towards a safer world. As an award-winning consultancy, CornerStone has worked with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies to deliver unbiased advice and support across their range of physical and cyber security consultancy services. In the last two years Cornerstone has worked on projects spanning 25 countries and across various sectors, including datacentres, banking, and new media technology, just to name a few.

Unlike other security consultancies whose advice is often not in the best interests of the client and more influenced by the ties of manufacturers, suppliers and installers, CornerStone is independent, and their services are wholly for the benefit of their clients. CornerStone’s independence is invaluable when it comes to delivering a financially successful project and by separating the design, risk and project management function from the supply and installation process, CornerStone introduces the checks and measures needed for effective oversight. This ensures that their solutions are comprehensive and meet the relevant professionals’ standards and their client’s requirements. “Since promoting the benefits of independence and our process, existing and prospective client’s value and opt for our expertise, leading to multiple projects and engagements”, Narinder highlights. This is demonstrated by their clients, of which 96% stated that CornerStone offer ‘good or excellent’ levels of service and 97% said they would recommend CornerStone to their peers.

CornerStone pride themselves on running a people-centric operation and the expertise, flexibility, and client-focussed attitude of their employees play a vital role in the success of the company. To ensure they deliver highly flexible solutions for their clients, CornerStone’s consulting team consists of talented individuals with expertise in the many areas of the security landscape, from risk, design, manufacturing, and consulting. By adopting a positive ‘can do’ attitude the company’s culture is a true reflection of teamwork and their dedication, skills and support contributes greatly to CornerStone’s overall success.

One of the biggest challenges CornerStone and the corporate security industry face is when it comes to recruitment. In a candidate-driven market and with a shortage of skilled and experienced professionals, the demand for talent has continued to grow. To rectify this CornerStone has developed its own training and support infrastructure by launching the CornerStone Academy, which has boosted their recruitment process and made employment accessible to all candidates without reference to background, gender, ethnicity, age, and religion. The CornerStone workforce is as international and diverse as its business activities with staff from all around the world, serving clients from all around the world.

2020 saw a huge shift in corporate security and risk management as businesses altered their priorities to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking ahead, CornerStone’s strategy will be to expand on their strategic and cyber risk services and continue the convergence of their physical and cyber security which will allow them to offer an even broader range of solutions for existing and potential clients. In addition to this CornerStone are planning to open an office outside of the UK and developing their marketing activities with the release of a new updated website and client-related events to expand their presence and boost the CornerStone brand and service offering.

Overall, CornerStone is exceptional in several regards, but what is most impressive is its ability to consistently deliver at the highest levels of the industry. This recent accolade is just another addition to the company’s trophy cabinet, having previously been awarded, Security Consultants of the Year, an International Achievement Award and an OSPA Outstanding Security Performance Award. as well as CornerStone’s future project the company remain dedicated to driving talent within the industry and their mission to provide extraordinary levels of client support continues to push the business forward.

For business enquires contact Narinder Dio at CornerStone GRG Ltd via

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