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Tapping Into Global Consciousness to Influence Others – A Guide to Motivation

Highly motivated employees are happy to take on challenging targets and display a positive attitude, generate innovative ideas, support their…

Tapping Into Global Consciousness to Influence Others – A Guide to Motivation

22nd May 2023

Highly motivated employees are happy to take on challenging targets and display a positive attitude, generate innovative ideas, support their colleagues, and strive to go above and beyond their job responsibilities.

So, there’s no surprise that companies look for ways to encourage and maintain long-term employee motivation. After all, a motivated workforce offers a wide range of advantages, such as increased productivity, problem-solving abilities, and innovation.

However, creating such a motivated workforce requires more than just providing a competitive salary. While money is necessary to fulfill basic needs, it only plays a minor role in motivating employees once those needs are met. Ultimately, money alone can only motivate people to a limited extent.

So, what can companies do to ensure employee retention and increased productivity? We put together a short list of some of the most common motivation methods that will help you boost employee morale and keep motivation levels sky-high.

Create a Pleasant Work Environment

As more companies embrace the hybrid work environment, team management and motivation become more challenging. However, some organizations found ways through this new way of things and are now striving.

The secret? A pleasant work environment regardless of the fact that employees were in the office or at home.

For office workers, a functional, well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable workspace can improve the work experience by much. To take it up a notch, make sure the space is clean and visually appealing. It helps to use joyful colours or add cheap artistic decorations that fit the company culture.

For work-from-home workers, it helps to provide up-to-date and well-maintained devices with built-in secure connectivity. Also, make sure to keep everyone involved in team meetings, regardless of their location, and stay in touch.

Offer Recognition Awards

Recognition awards are a great way to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work and contributions. However, it’s important to create a clear-cut system so everyone knows the meaning behind each award.

Start by determining the criteria for the recognition award. This could be based on performance, productivity, teamwork, innovation, or any other factors that align with your company’s goals and values.

Next, choose the award – you can offer plaques, crafted acrylic awards, certificates, gift cards, or any other recognition item that fits your budget and aligns with your company’s culture.

Once you have the criteria and the award, communicate this information to the employees, and make sure they understand why and how someone can receive them. Also, allow employees to nominate their peers for the award (this can strengthen the bond between co-workers).

Encourage Professional Growth

Expanding businesses can greatly benefit from providing growth opportunities for employees, which can serve as a major motivator. Beyond the incentive of a potential salary increase, employees are also driven by the psychological impact of being trusted and respected for their contributions.

Plus, it helps the company move forward in the right direction. For instance, if your organization opens a new location, it’s worth considering which employees may be well-suited for management positions depending on their skills and performance.

This way, you increase employee retention since they’ll start thinking of their position as a chance for a career, and you make sure the company is in good hands for the time being.

Key Takeaway

A positive work environment, professional growth opportunities, and effort recognition are some of the most important factors for encouraging and maintaining motivation. This may not guarantee that everyone in the top talent category stays loyal to the company, but it’s a great way to help promote a solid work culture.

Plus, happy employees tend to spread the word in their social and online circles. Therefore, it’s a great branding strategy to ensure only the best candidates will come your way.

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