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Teaching the Future of Technology.

Technology breakthroughs are increasingly frequent and meaningful. The multi-faceted software industry is becoming more and more mature as it keeps…

Teaching the Future of Technology

10th March 2020

CodeBoxx Technology

Technology breakthroughs are increasingly frequent and meaningful. The multi-faceted software industry is becoming more and more mature as it keeps having a greater impact over all aspects of our lives. This maturity, illustrated by the democratization of the cloud and the multiple applications of Artificial Intelligence, also induces powerful changes in the modern workforce. CodeBoxx Technology’s mission is to empower you to take an active part into that future. Corporate Vision Magazine has recognized the firm as 2020’s Leading Enterprise for Technology Training & Development in Canada, so we profiled it to find out more.

There can be no denying the fact that the world is becoming increasingly technological. As companies continue their digital transformations, the need for efficient coders and developers is greater than it has ever been before. CodeBoxx is, first and foremost, a very unique coding boot camp spread over sixteen weeks that empowers participants to acquire many different skills and competencies that are highly valued by future employers. However, the firm also specializes in two other areas of expertise; operating its digital workshop, and fuel a venture branch that acts as an incubator for ideas that may one day become industry unicorns.

Developed by CodeBoxx’s founder and CEO Nicolas Genest, the firm’s original academic program was created and customized to reshape the technology labor market by exposing participants to industry recognized, as well as up-to-date tools and practices in a fast paced environment. The truly intensive sixteen-week coding boot camp is a transformational journey delivered by some of the most experienced industry professionals working in technology today.

Each coach that delivers training on the course is completely committed to helping every participant graduate through supportive mentoring and teaching. The key to CodeBoxx’s efficient and fast-paced learning process lies in getting participants to encounter concrete and stimulating real-life problems that must be solved. Through this, participants can gain both experience and competence with widely adopted and commonly used technologies. The teaching throughout the boot camp gives everyone a chance to learn the tools, practices, and attitude necessary to be successful at their job within the technology industry.

What continue to separate CodeBoxx from its competitors are two main elements to the boot camp concept. Firstly, the team guarantees a job to every graduate. Partnering with some of the finest agencies and most elite companies, the firm offers unparalleled employment opportunities in active markets across Europe and North America, including the world-renowned Silicon Valley in California. Secondly, no graduate has to pay any tuition fees for the boot camp until they have been hired. This freedom can ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at the boot camp, even some smart and talented people who cannot afford the career change upfront, and CodeBoxx’s willingness to believe in participants is nothing short of exceptional.

One of the main reasons behind the continued success of the firm’s boot camp and its reputation is the social mission behind it. Reshaping human capital one individual at a time comes with its challenges, along with the challenges a start-up faces. Yet, it has not deterred the team at CodeBoxx. Through the delivery of exceptional teaching and the promises made to every participant, the firm is committed to help everyone get a fair shot at a career in technology. In just four short but very intensive months, anyone can alter their career path, their future, and their life. The social aspect to CodeBoxx is just yet another reason why the firm has become so successful.

Alongside the boot camp that the firm operates, there is also a digital workshop and agency service that CodeBoxx Technology run. A one-stop shop for technology delegations such as digital product management, and digital transformations, the agency offers expertise in three main areas; Omni Commerce, Data Science, and Software Engineering. Through these areas, the digital workshop team works hard every day to bring necessary pragmatism back to the sector in the hope of sustaining growth levels in coming years.

Closely linked to the work of the digital workshop, CodeBoxx Ventures is a start-up studio for early inception endeavours. Where many young businesses suffer from a labor shortage or a lack of financial resources necessary to develop quality digital products and experiences, CodeBoxx Ventures steps in to help. This branch of the firm works with smaller businesses whose future is very promising, acquiring shares in exchange for development services including consulting and financial support.

From CEO Nicolas Genest down, every single member of the organization at CodeBoxx embodies the philosophy of trust and empowerment that has been at the heart of the firm since its founding in 2018. Beginning with just a few people who shared a common passion for the cause, social mission, and values of the firm, CodeBoxx has since grown to become a strong, welcoming culture of empowerment for everyone seeking a career in technology. Not just keen to empower the participants in the firm’s boot camp, the whole organization collaborates to enable success for everyone.

However, working in the technology industry does not come without challenges. Technology has proven to be a tough market for educating individuals at CodeBoxx thanks to the huge contrast between itself and the traditional approach of the bigger education system in place. The speed at which the technology industry evolves, and the rhythm at which new tools, practices, and languages emerge, means that long-term education is simply not viable.

Demonstrating more and more that short-term programs are a better solution than longer-term journeys in technology education, CodeBoxx has faced headwind from existing figures within the education sector. It has not stopped the firm from showing, one cohort after the other, just how beneficial its innovative approach to continued education can be. For a start-up school, the firm has achieved monumental success in graduating so many of its participants. The last twelve months have already seen sixty three people graduate, earning an average annual salary of almost fifty thousand dollars.

Businesses and organizations also struggled fully to grasp CodeBoxx’s new value proposition. Placing graduates with only sixteen weeks of experience doing technology may seem like a risk, but the nature of CodeBoxx’s teaching meant that graduates were often more up-to-date with the latest technologies that many existing employees. Handling these natural reflexes with impeccable grace and dignity, the firm has managed to now partner with some of the biggest and most exciting names in technology across places such as Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley.

2020 represents a year of enormous potential for the team at CodeBoxx, especially in securing the continuing growth of the firm across its two campuses in Quebec and Montreal. With another campus set to open in a North American city sometime in the next eight to twelve months, the firm remains squarely focused on the mission of allowing more people to start a new career in technology, whilst also being introduced to pragmatic business partners and companies. As ever, CodeBoxx Ventures also represents a vitally important part of the journey for the team, helping to incubate and jump-start some of the most exciting ideas in the industry, while providing world-class challenges to their graduates.

In today’s world, organizations have to implement technology across all facets of their business in order to survive. However, it is not enough to simply have the technology for its own sake; there must be a workforce that is trained and committed to seeing that technology fulfil its promises. The entire team at CodeBoxx is helping to address this need by ensuring that every participant is equipped with the best set of tools, skills, and practices for an exciting new career in technology.

Company: CodeBoxx Technology
Contact: Marc-Olivier Groleau

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