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Tech Advancements Help Small Breweries Have a Big Impact on Commercial Real Estate.

The beer brewing industry is one of the oldest industries in the world today. People have been drinking beers from…

Tech Advancements Help Small Breweries Have a Big Impact on Commercial Real Estate

12th December 2022


The beer brewing industry is one of the oldest industries in the world today. People have been drinking beers from time immemorial. However, things keep on changing. Technology is one of the factors that impact how different industries operate.

Fortunately, the beer brewing industry is among the few industries that have been able to keep up with all changes successfully. Even though some people might value the traditional beer brewing industries, the industry has already moved on.

The modern beer brewing industry is largely fuelled by technology. Tech advancements have changed how this industry operates. As a result, small breweries are having a big impact on commercial real estate.

What are some of the tech advancements helping small breweries have a big impact on commercial real estate?

Brewery Software

Gone are the days when small breweries had to manually manage all the operations in their breweries. Initially, all processes were handled by employees, from sourcing raw materials to the supply of beers. They had to manually take care of all the processes.

However, tech advancements have given birth to brewery ops software such as Ollie which manage all these processes to perfection. These software applications allow brewery owners to use a single platform when managing processes such as payments, inventory, order processing, customer relationships, and brewery production, among others.

As a result, small breweries are now more efficient compared to before. This contributes largely to their growth. As they grow, they attract more customers. This drives people and businesses into areas with breweries. The influx of people and businesses affects commercial real estate development and pricing.

Product Monitoring Technology

Tech advancements have also given birth to product monitoring tools. These tools allow small breweries to detect and track the status of all their products. This is essential in ensuring that everything is handled on time and that customers’ needs are met.

Modern breweries are using automated retrieval and storage solutions that make warehousing efficient and improve the effectiveness of product dispatch. This way, small breweries can account for all expenses and materials used in all processes.

Apart from using product monitoring tools, the breweries need modern buildings to use as warehouses. The buildings need to adapt to different technological requirements to ensure that all processes are handled as required. As a result, this has had an impact on commercial real estate. The industry is getting more lucrative due to these demands.

Blockchain Technology

Small breweries are using blockchain technology to adapt to future challenges. Beer consumers are also using the same, but for something different. Modern customers are getting sensitive and want to know where the raw materials for the beers they take are sourced from.

Blockchain technology is playing a major role in making this possible. Today, customers can track the origin of the barley used in making the beers they take. This allows them to not only see where the barley was produced but also where it was harvested and malted.

All a consumer needs to do is to scan a QR code on a beer and then get everything from where the raw materials came from to the beer’s entire supply chain. With this information, some businesses are setting up shops to provide different services to enhance the process. This leads to a boost in commercial real estate.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are among the top technology trends for businesses in 2022. The beverage and food industry is among the industries that are seeing a major revolution due to these two.

Today, small breweries are using AI and ML to improve and streamline beer production. They are customising alcohol aroma, colour, flavour, content, and production to match the requirements of their customers.

As beer production processes increase, tech advancements are providing small breweries with AI-powered innovations to handle all these processes. As a result, these breweries are becoming more effective in what they do. This leads to the growth of their businesses, something that has a direct impact on commercial real estate.

Technology is Playing a Role in All Industries

Tech advancements are playing a direct role in the success of all industries. The brewery industry is one of the most lucrative businesses. Even though it is an old industry, it has managed to adapt to modern changes and implement innovative solutions to help it succeed.

As the breweries grow, they are having a major impact on other industries. The commercial real estate industry is one of these industries. Tech advancements are helping small breweries have a big impact on commercial real estate.

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