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Perfect Corp. is a leading beauty tech solutions provider that is revolutionizing the beauty industry by introducing Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technology into the consumer beauty journey and creating the ultimate shopping experience. Constantly innovating, Perfect Corp.’s B2B and B2C services provide comprehensive solutions that match every brand, budget and touchpoint. We take a closer look.

A multi-award-winning company that is leading the revolution in the beauty industry, Perfect Corp. is a leading global provider of beauty tech solutions that integrates artificial intelligence and augmented reality into heightened shopping experiences. Driven by innovation and creativity, Perfect Corp. is an agile and dynamic firm that stands at the intersection of tech and beauty with a vision to marry the two in a brand-new shopping experience that will propel the industry into the future.

The firm is changing the way consumers shop for cosmetics both online and offline through its engaging and accessible technology solutions that connect consumers and brands through an immersive and personalized customer journey. With a growing portfolio of more than 280 brand partners that includes the likes of Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, and Sally Beauty as well as many smaller, indie brands, Perfect Corp. is proving that its innovative, AI/AR approach to the beauty industry is a key driver of business success and its own establishment as a leader in the sector.

Perfect Corp. provides B2B and B2C services, offering Beauty SaaS for beauty brands and retailers of all sizes, as well as content creators. The firm’s technology is designed to help its clients reimagine the consumer shopping experience in order to deliver more customer-centric services, which in turn drive business success. Whatever the size or requirements of their clients, Perfect Corp.’s solutions can be tailored to a range of omni-channel touchpoints and boast an expansive range of tech capabilities; from seamless web integration to virtual try-on, a brand website to experiential in-store digital experiences, and advanced AI-based product or shade recommendation solutions.

The B2B aspect of Perfect Corp.’s operations offer a tailored selection of these capabilities on a subscription-based service that is flexible to the needs of the client, whilst B2C offers complimentary and premium app subscriptions for the firm’s cutting-edge ‘YouCam’ app collection. This suite of apps boasts a vast selection of capabilities, from experimenting with makeup looks in YouCam Makeup to editing photos in YouCam Perfect. The apps’ unique, hyper-realistic effects that are accessible from a mobile device make it easy for users to discover, try, create and shop makeup brands that use Perfect Corp.’s technology, boosting consumer engagement and therefore sales.

The advanced technology used in Perfect Corp.’s applications is one of the principal factors that sets the firm apart in its market. For instance, its flagship technology YouCam is the result of decades of machine learning and algorithms and is designed to make the virtual experience not just a tolerable replacement of the physical experience, but the preferable option. As such, the YouCam 106-point 3D facial mapping, skin tone matching, and adaptive lighting deliver results in .04 seconds and 98.5% precision rate matching the exact colour and finish of more than 180,000 products.

This staggering level of accuracy allows brands and consumers alike to rely on the technology to make more confident purchasing decisions and the results in business activity are clear to see. The beauty industry has seen a >30% Click-Through Rate in ecommerce, up to 2.5 times conversion rate and an 8% decrease in returns. With more brands and consumers joining the Perfect Corp. clientele every day, it is clear that the firm is leading the accelerating charge towards technology in the beauty retail sector.

So, what is it about Perfect Corp. that has enabled it to cement its leading position in a notoriously competitive industry? The two pillars of creativity and innovation have been the foundations of the organization since day one, acting as the launchpad from which the team at Perfect Corp. can push boundaries and strive to achieve things which have never been done before. This requires a fearlessness and ability to keep up and in control of a rapidly evolving industry, something which Perfect Corp. has in plenty. The team are unafraid to try something unprecedented and perhaps even rogue and it is through this meticulous daring that Perfect Corp. always stays one step ahead of the rest of its busy industry.

Consequently, Perfect Corp.’s team is made up of talented individuals who share that courageous, imaginative mentality and are always striving to deliver innovative, fresh-to-market solutions to boost their tech capabilities and offerings. With headquarters in Taiwan and teams dispersed across the world, Perfect Corp. still achieves unity in its team, alongside a constant finger on the pulse of the market, that facilitates agility and the effective development of AI, AR, and machine learning.

The result is a cohesive team environment which is supportive and collaborative in its united drive towards success. Across R&D, design, marketing, and business development departments – both local and global – there is an electric passion for the work Perfect Corp. does and how it can positively impact the shopping experience for consumers, brands, retailers, and content creators. Perfect Corp. therefore puts a great deal of its success down to the outstanding innovation and teamwork of its teams all over the world.

Since its inception, Perfect Corp. has consequently been the recipient of multiple awards such as the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award for Outstanding Innovation. Propelled by success throughout 2020, Perfect Corp. is heading into 2021 with great optimism and enthusiasm about its plans to amplify its web solutions in order to boost their brands’ ecommerce experiences. With online shopping and ecommerce becoming more and more significant in a world of lockdowns and social distancing, the enhancement of brand’s platforms is similarly becoming even more important.

Perfect Corp. has therefore got several exciting projects in the works, such as an online virtual beauty consultation through Perfect Corp.’s Web Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 service, as well as the integration of interactive content directly on to a brands website with services like Web AI Live Casting. Moreover, with technology such as the AI ShadeFinder gaining increasing demand, the Perfect Corp. team has foreseen a shift towards skincare innovation that allows consumers to track their skin health and browse personalized product recommendations based on their findings. As AI/AR becomes more intrinsic in daily skincare routines and beauty shopping experiences, Perfect Corp. will be on hand with continued innovation and technological advancement to propel this exciting industry forwards into the future.

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