The Employee Benefits Schemes in 2020 that are Supporting Mental Health

Employee benefits have been a vital component for managers and HR practitioners to incentivise and retain staff. In 2020, employee benefits are standard with any employee contract, part-time or full-time.

Whilst accessing discounts and perks was something that was adopted early by companies, 2020 has seen real momentum gather for those employee benefits and companies that support mental health and wellbeing, as highlighted by some of these products, companies and start-ups below.


Insuretech start-up Equipsme offer an affordable health insurance policy for small and large businesses. Whatever the size of the business, companies can insure staff with plans from as little as £7 per month per person.

With a basic policy, customers can get 24/7 GP access, online health checks, nurse support and 3 physio sessions as standard with the option to upgrade to stress support for as little as £1.50 per person per month, optical and dental cover for £7.50 per person per month too.

Earlier this month, Equipsme announced a partnership with Starling Bank, becoming the preferred health insurance partner for their customers.

Sweaty Betty

The popular active-wear brand strongly promotes a healthy mind and body and promotes keeping stress in the workplace to a minimum.

Each week, Sweaty Betty employees have the chance to join lunchtime yoga classes to help them relax. There is also the chance to join running clubs and start later in the day if they so wish, all with the aim of helping with stress management.


YuLife is an insuretech startup which offers life insurance for businesses and their employees, with a huge focus on wellbeing and mental health.

Companies who take up yulife insurance policies can reward their employees through earning YuCoin.

YuCoin is earned by engaging in a healthy lifestyle, tracked by staff in a daily app and rewards activities such as yoga, meditation and walking or running a mile.

By accumulating YuCoin online, staff can then redeem these for real life rewards at shops, restaurants, and much more, already partnered with brands such as ASOS, Amazon and Nike.

Yulife have also developed partners with the likes of Farewill to offer a free will writing service to customers and AIG to offer virtual GPs on demand.

Innocent Smoothies

Delicious Innocent Smoothies are known for providing a range of employee benefits that puts the needs of its staff first. This is particularly the case when it comes to mental health as the smoothie firm aims to reduce work stresses through the inclusion of a free gym and breakfast to all staff.

The brand also provides a yoga club to its employees and a 100% confidential 24-hour employee assistance programme – so they can talk to someone privately about any issues they have.

Ernst & Young (EY)Ernst & Young have placed a huge emphasis on mental health in its organisation, providing not only private healthcare, but also free online health assessments and counselling that can be used by staff members and their families. It is completely confidential and available for 24-hours.