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Neeti Dewan is a world-renowned efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing expert who has worked for over two decades inside some of the nation’s top corporations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ryan, and Aramark Corporation in finance and tax. Corporate Vision has recognised her as Most Influential Business Woman of the Year – Georgia, so we take a closer look at her career and success.

Dewan, an accomplished keynote speaker and business executive, says, “My systematic approach is designed to enable you and your teams to rise to the top, increase productivity, enhance profitability, and achieve financial security.”

Widely regarded as a top performer in a highly demanding profession, Ms. Dewan currently serves as the Global Head of Tax for Club Car. Besides her expertise in the areas of global and domestic taxation, finance, and strategy, Neeti is also an independent board director. She has served on the boards of Harvard University (Women’s Leadership Board), Tykhe Gaming, and Sunray Systems, to name a few. She is an avid fan of disruptive technology and has been an active investor and founder of technology focused firms like SART Accelerator.

Ms. Dewan was born in Agra, India, the city that is home to the Taj Mahal, and moved to the United States in her early teens.   In her life, she has learned to combine the inner wisdom of the east with the dynamic genius of the west, and now in her books, “From Executive to Yogi in Sixty Seconds” and “High Level Leadership, Low Level Stress”, she shares with readers the simple secrets that anyone can use to excel in business, bring about innovation, chart business profitability, and improve margins, while serving employees and customers in the style of a true leader – with kindness, engagement and inclusiveness.

“From Executive to Yogi in Sixty Seconds” has been hailed by one top executive as “the tool Corporate America has been waiting for to help motivate and retain its best employees”, while another has said that her book “teaches executives how to lead with passion and engagement towards profitability”. “High Level Leadership, Low Level Stress – How to Win in Business without Losing Your Mind” will be released later this year. Her books are available for purchase from and Amazon.

“One result of stress-induced burnout is that 50 percent of top talent is heading for the door and replacement costs can run into six figures. Even when workers don’t leave, absenteeism, on the job accidents, rising health costs, and workers’ compensation claims are costing businesses an estimated $200 billion-$300 billion per year. Wellbeing of employees can no longer be dismissed as feel-good fluff. It is clear that there is a crisis brewing in Corporate America, and that balanced living is an essential ingredient of bottom-line success and maintaining the highest ethical standards.  High stress is not necessary to success in business. In fact, it its counterproductive at every level. Look around you and you’ll see that the most successful people are happy and well-balanced. If we fill every corner of our minds with busy work, we leave no space for innovation, which is the genius of American business.”, says Neeti.

Neeti is now focused on improving the lives of girls and women. Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from the sales of her upcoming book will be donated to an all-girls school in India to fund their technology and innovation lab, along with scholarships for village girls. “You help one girl, you secure the whole family,” she says. “I’ve had the best of opportunities for growth in my life, and I want to give that chance to as many girls as I can. Success has more meaning when it is shared in a meaningful way with others.”

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