The Future is Now

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The world of machine learning is one of constant growth. Nothing can compare with the power this industry has amassed over the last few years. We examine the work of Pangeanic, a firm committed to the development and application of NLP solutions. In Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, the team were named Most Outstanding Machine Translation Technology Provider – 2021. We thought it was time to take a look to find out exactly why.


Based in Valencia, Spain, Pangeanic has become a world leader in the delivery of machine translation technology. Through the use of the latest techniques, the team have committed themselves to the vision of combining human intelligence and technology so that companies and individuals establish a personal connection with users, clients, and content consumers. The aim is to achieve this through any platform and in any region of the world, in real time, with an unrivalled experience, scalable and supported by continuous innovation.


Key to this is the service they offer in machine translation. The Pangeanic team want to automate as many language-based processes as possible to increase cognition in human reasoning and decision-making. This is currently being done through Natural Language Processing solutions such as deep adaptive machine translation, custom anonymization, automatic data classification and entity recognition to name but a few techniques. Thanks to the work that Pangeanic does, the team are able to obtain actionable insights from data.


To many, this approach seems outlandish, but the team at Pangeanic have committed themselves to tangible results. Their vision is concrete in every regard. The flagship product on offer is a form of deep adaptive machine translation, which helps companies translate tens of thousands of documents a day for legal or data-processing purposes. It also adapts to incoming data so content producers can do without the traditional “translation agency model” with a high degree of human parity. By the end of 2022, the work that Pangeanic do will be over 90% in-domain in our clients’ language pairs. Data classification will provide the way forward for what the Pangeanic team call “autonomous publishing” and data and document classification grow exponentially.


The use of technology is a relatively new addition to the team’s offering. For the last twenty years, the firm has been interested in the way that language works and how translation services can be offered around the world. It was only after a number of projects and R&D alliances with several European universities, Toshiba, national and European research projects that the team realised there was enormous potential both for the development of, and the use of automated language tools. Early on, the team were using pattern-detection and statistical models and since 2017, machine learning and deep neural networks. Parallel data acquisition has always been high in the agenda since the early days. This forward-thinking approach has placed the team at the forefront of what the industry has to offer.


The world of Natural Language Processing is one which is inherently horizontal because it deals with common problems that reach across industries. For over a decade, the Pangeanic team focused on language services, offering translations to corporations publishing multilingual content. What made them different was a commitment to automating the processes they used. The team were able to cherry-pick translators with technology that could learn from human choices. This differentiated the team from the competition, which typically used the same third-party tools and “played safe”.


Safe simply isn’t in the mindset of the team at Pangeanic. They’re always looking for the next thing, and pushing themselves to reach it as fast as possible. It’s a visionary approach, especially when it comes to implementing language technologies. The way in which Pangeanic works is now being seen as more common, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many businesses to add more sophisticated AI into management and processes. Together with an increasing need for data anonymization, the team is seeing astonishing growth in industries such as legal/legaltech, insurance, and electronics and computer hardware and software. As technology continues to blend and merge, it’s easy to see how technologies such as automobile and computing/AI will only benefit Pangeanic and its vision of autonomous multilingual publishing.


While a vision for a company is key, it is nothing without a staff who are equally committed to that vision. Projects and development are carried out by people who believe in the mission and why they must do the things they do. The Pangeanic team has grown organically, with an approach that is professional and ambitious in equal measure. It’s the place to be for those who enjoy challenges, have a flair to think out of the box and beyond traditional markets, understand client needs and want to build 21st-century solutions. By promoting a culture of innovation and hard work, the firm is creating exciting ways to make the world a better place.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on industry cannot properly be measured, but what is clear is that it has accelerated digitalization and remote work in all sectors of society. While not a way, it has created a “war-like” mentality and economics. Fewer social interactions are also levelling the playing field in sales, for example, as more and more “sales processes” are becoming RFPs.


The work that Pangeanic has done has always been market leading, but their success has allowed them to trump larger players such as Telefonica recently. It was Pangeanic which was asked to provide Deep Adaptive Machine Translation for autonomous publication, or with very little review for news agency EFE. What is clear is that smaller players are going to eat up more and more market share in several areas – just like fintech start-ups are eating up market share to traditional banks.


As the firm continues to grow, the team at Pangeanic are looking for ways to sustainably fuel that growth. This is because they fervently believe in the disrupting technologies they develop and, it is clear that many are highly in demand by the market. Looking back on the previous success seen by Pangeanic, it’s clear that they were often ahead of the game when developing their products. This is natural when innovation is embedded in the DNA of a company. This time, however, will be different. Global thinking is shifting towards a more digital and data-focused society. It’s one that the team at Pangeanic are not only ready for, but have been building for nearly twenty years.


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