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The World Leader in Workplace Violence Prevention.

When Threat Assessment Group® (TAG) Inc. was founded in 1987 with an unwavering devotion to preventing workplace violence and misconduct,…

The World Leader in Workplace Violence Prevention

16th May 2024

Threat Assessment

When Threat Assessment Group® (TAG) Inc. was founded in 1987 with an unwavering devotion to preventing workplace violence and misconduct, it was the first company of its kind in the world. Six years later, it became the first to offer formal training in the field, truly underpinning its commitment to the cause. More than 30 years later, TAG’s philosophy of, “Safety First, Fairness Second” remains steadfast and its work is as pioneering as ever. In recognition of these continued efforts, we name TAG Inc. as the Most Trusted Workplace Violence Prevention Experts 2024, and catch up with renowned Founder Park Dietz, MD, PhD for more.

Adopting its philosophy from the guiding ethics and values of medicine and public health, all of the methods TAG employs across its suite of products and services are expertly derived from areas such as psychiatry, psychology, and criminology, with these methods being combined with the team’s decades of experience to create something truly special. It was about ten years before his founding of the business that Dr. Dietz first consulted on a corporate threat case, on his first day teaching at Harvard Medical School.

On the drive to the corporate location, Dr. Dietz recognised that there were four key areas of expertise necessary to settle matters such as this, these being injury prevention, mental disorder, criminal behaviour, and threatening communications. Luckily, he had already pioneered an industry-leading study on threatening communications toward public figures and managed to resolve the case successfully.  As he gained experience working with the criminally insane, with the FBI pioneers in profiling, with corporations, and working on some of the most high-profile murder cases of the 20th century, he saw that much more needed to be done to mitigate the harms of violence in the workplace before crises emerged. Thus, TAG was founded to fulfil this very need.

Experts in providing systematic and proactive prevention through their development and delivery of cutting-edge solutions, the team at TAG have spent the better part of 40 years now partnering with some of the most famous brands on the planet, helping them develop systems that consistently mitigate workplace misconduct. As Dr. Dietz himself explains, “our mission is to help protect the safety of employees and others in the workplace with early warning systems, prompt and fair investigation, management of reported misconduct and disruptive behaviours, and training across every level of the organisation.”

A similarly proactive approach has been provided since day one, however, having operated in this sector now for more than 35 years, innovation has been an instrumental factor in TAG’s continued success. TAG’s  pioneering solutions are widely imitated, though never surpassed, and ultimately become the industry standard. In more recent years, these ongoing evolutions have taken the form of apps that allow employees to report any concerns without having to have those awkward conversations, with employers then provided the means through which to investigate thoroughly and manage risks effectively.

Commenting further on these apps, Dr. Dietz states, “we spent years developing our reporting and investigation apps and believe they will allow employers to manage cases better than ever before. Say Something ™, our reporting app, can be accessed through a QR code unique to each employer and can be used by employees on any device. The TAG Investigation app walks investigators through the triage, investigation, and management of every kind of case our clients deal with, including incivility, bullying, intimate partner violence, stalking, disruptive behaviour, threats, and violent acts.”

Dr. Dietz is most proud of TAG’s success in keeping people safe, and tells us, “Having consulted on many thousands of dangerous cases, to our knowledge, there has never been a casualty when our guidance has been followed.” This perfect record can largely be attributed to TAG’s comprehensive training, with its robust programmes able to be tailored to an organisation’s every level and need. Well aware of the diversity of industry today, these sessions are also available in a number of different languages, formats, and price points, making them accessible to all. Tailored training is offered for specialists in threat management, general managers/supervisors, and all other employees.

TAG’s e-learning training courses are designed to hit these three populations of learners with uniform quality, while being tailored to the level of responsibility each group has for reporting and managing workplace misconduct risks in their specific environment. Utilising its cutting-edge TAG360 programme, these courses can be transferred over to a company’s own learning management system or accessed through TAG’s online e-learning platform, and they can be customized with a company’s branding and local policies, laws, and regulations. The specialist training lasts approximately six-and-a-half hours, the manager training about 45 minutes, and the employee training 30, a small ask for such vital information.

Beyond its online training and apps, TAG still relies heavily on its peerless consulting services covering all areas of workplace misconduct mitigation, an approach it has consistently refined for in excess of three decades. By translating its safety commitment to practical, manageable steps that can keep its clients’ employees safe while also reducing operating costs, these consultancy solutions hold lasting value. There for their partners around the clock as misconduct escalates and a crisis becomes foreseeable, these experts craft safer and more productive working environments that are less prone to a crisis down the road.

It is this, more so than anything else, that truly underpins TAG’s unrivalled quality in this space. Others simply focus on the areas of crisis intervention and post-trauma services, but TAG has always kept a razor focus on crisis prevention. Whether this be its early warning system, early intervention, or resolving of problems safely, this striving to take care of things before they get out of hand can be traced back to Dr. Dietz’s roots in medicine and injury control, enhanced by the teams’ broad experience in psychology and law enforcement. Primary prevention (undertaken before an incident has occurred) has shown time and again to be much more effective and cost-friendly than secondary or tertiary prevention.

Any large organization that cares to ensure their teams are protected from workplace misconduct should seek out the aforementioned TAG360, with this comprehensive and affordable programme offering everything one could possibly need, whether this be 24/7 access to the team, unlimited use of the online training courses, a copy of TAG’s guide to forming a safe and respectful working environment, or a 20% on discount on all TAG offerings. Thus, for all workplace violence prevention, training, and consulting needs, TAG has the answer.

Over the past 35 years or so, TAG Inc. has progressed from a boutique consulting firm relying on word of mouth referrals through to a technology-heavy company serving multinational corporations all over the world. Concerning the future, Dr. Dietz shares with us, “I hope we’ll always keep the safety of our clients and their employees as our highest priority.” This has been on display in abundance recently, as in response to the business’ home base of California introducing a new law, TAG has unveiled a new suite of products allowing employers in the region to meet otherwise impossible training deadlines.

“Interest in our solution has been so high that we’re adding staff and pausing marketing to catch up with the demand”, says Dr. Dietz. He adds, “the new law is already being considered by other states”, and if it is indeed passed, one can expect the demand for these exceptional services to rise further still. By leveraging both TAG’s solutions and the skill of a united workforce where all departments work together to attain one common goal, all cases can be managed with maximum impact.

Industry leaders such as 3M, FedEx, Allstate, Nike, Marriott, JPMorgan/Chase, Amgen, Amazon, AT&T, MGM Resorts International, Sony, Levi’s, Visa, Publicis Media, McDonald’s, American Express, Facebook, and countless others have all witnessed the great things that arise from utilising Threat Assessment Group Inc.’s unmatched skill, knowledge, and resources in this area. Join this team in their quest to minimize workplace bullying, threats, and violence. Use the link below and see how these terrific workplace violence consulting experts have made a demonstrable impact through their services, in turn, creating a safer environment for all.

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