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Top Instagram Successful Marketing Tips You Should Never Miss

Instagram is the most efficient platform for doing marketing; it’s just so straightforward and intuitive, right? Well, kind of! Don’t…

Top Instagram Successful Marketing Tips You Should Never Miss

15th September 2022

Instagram is the most efficient platform for doing marketing; it’s just so straightforward and intuitive, right? Well, kind of! Don’t be fooled by the ease or bright colors of Instagram. Marketing on Instagram needs a lot more strategy than you may first think.

Not only is competition fierce on Instagram, but the app itself makes things a bit difficult because it always changes its direction and algorithm. Despite your best intentions, you could easily end up with ineffective posts, and wasted time, money, and energy. As difficult as it is, overcoming this tricky aspect of Instagram is not impossible. Here are some tricks that can help

Utilize commenting to engage with content creators

It is one of the best ways to get exposure and to let people know you are there, and it is also one of the few ways that don’t require paying tons of money. What you should do here is use the many features of Instagram to approach your target audience.

If you’re a local business, use the place tag to see recent pictures from your local place. Suppose you are based in Maastricht; check the photos posted there; if your service is online classes, look for people documenting their learning journey.

After you’ve found your target audience, leave comments on their most recent posts. You mustn’t just drop a heart or a generic phrase. Instead, look at the content of their posts and engage with them.

Notice the little details and tell them that you have indeed paid attention; it helps you not come across as cunning and calculated. You’re simply engaging with people in your local town or your life arena. A lot of these people will reply and might enter your Instagram profile.

Mind your bio

You got people to check out your profile? Congratulations, that’s a great step! However, nothing is worse than succeeding in attracting people only to fail to show them something worth seeing. Your profile has to be effective and clearly define who you are and what service you provide. Of course, your bio is the place to pitch yourself, so don’t waste that precious space. Your bio is your mission statement; nobody should feel confused after reading it.

For example, suppose you are a professional dog groomer, don’t waste your bio saying you love dogs and are a dog person; It should be taken for granted. Instead, make it super clear who you are and what you do. So, instead of, “Hi! I’m Jamie. I just loooove dogs, and I can’t wait to meet yours,” do something like this: “I’m Jamie Smith. I’ve been a professional dog groomer for 4 years. I’m available 7 days a week in Boston. I can’t wait to transform your doggo.”

Don’t rely on traditional posts

Now that people know about you, it’s time to make an impact. What you post on Instagram needs to be perfect, but often people neglect one of the best aspects of posting: stories. Instagram stopped seeing itself as a picture-sharing platform the way it once was. With the rise of TikTok and YouTube, Instagram has shifted, and now it’s more of reels and stories.

Reels and stories have longer engagement times, which is exactly what Instagram wants. The more time users spend interacting on the app, the more money it makes. On the other hand, traditional posts don’t take too long to look at. You need to play the Instagram game to let its algorithm help you.

Are all stories created equally? Absolutely not! You need to be careful with Instagram stories because they can upgrade your business or harm it badly; it all depends on the stories you publish online and how engaging they are.

Stories aren’t the place to be reserved and shy. So, how can you optimize your Instagram stories? Filters are great for pictures, but you need more than just a few touch ups as a business owner. Utilize an Instagram story maker that offers many templates designed specifically for the platform with animation features, or consider exploring the best Instagram growth service that aligns with your goals and budget.


As years go by, social media platforms keep changing. Consequently, marketing strategies lose their effectiveness, making us obligated to create new ones or go back to forgotten ones. In 2023, you can bet on using unconventional ways to connect to others, clearly defining what you’re all about, and making the most out of stories to take full advantage of Instagram. Instagram can play a pivotal role in your marketing game if you exploit it correctly.

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