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Top Tips to Strengthen Your Recruitment Process With Video

As employers embrace video call tools such as Zoom and Skype for day to day work communication, recruitment is no…

Top Tips to Strengthen Your Recruitment Process With Video

27th July 2020


As employers embrace video call tools such as Zoom and Skype for day to day work communication, recruitment is no different as recruiters turn to virtual interview processes to source out the best talent. For recruiters looking for a way to build a more engaging recruitment process video, Laura Webster, Global Marketing Manager at HAYS Talent Solutions shares tips and advice into how employers can build a seamless virtual recruitment process through video.

Here at HAYS Talent Solutions, we asked 300 business owners if they are using or planning to use video as a permanent part of their recruitment process post COVID-19. The results revealed over half (64%) are already using it permanently in their process while 24% say they have plans to make video interviews permanently.

There is a myriad of reasons why video is so engaging. We are evolutionarily adapted to quickly respond to the combination of image, sound, and motion, be it emotionally due to there being more cues, or because we can process it faster. Whatever the reason the point is using video in your hiring process commands the attention, and contrary to popular belief your video does not need to go viral to be successful.

Here are five examples of how you can work video into your recruitment process, cheaply and easily:

1. Advertising your jobs on social

At Hays we’ve been using a tool called VideoMyJob to equip our recruiters to create branded video job ads they can quickly share on social media using just their smartphone, like this one.

Users can record a video, edit and then share the videos all within the app. You can upload your own branding so all your videos look and feel professional, and you can even have users submit videos for approval so they can’t post just anything.

The app itself helps the user ensure their positioned correctly, and even includes an autocue if needed. Whilst the editing suite means you can not only stitch together videos and cut, but add icons, subtitles and other wording all within the app.

It’s a great way to stand out in the midst of all the other noise on social, humanise your job postings and even better it doesn’t drag on your precious marketing resources to create you a video all the time.

2. Bringing your employer brand to life

Video is a great way to show how to make your employer brand seen authentic online. By showing your company culture, environment and engaged employees, not just telling, you gain serious credibility.

These videos can be used on your career’s sites, in your recruitment e-mails, at events.

3. Explaining your application process

It is an area many an organisation missed, but constant communication throughout the recruitment process to ensure your candidates know what’s next and when it’s likely to happen is key in today’s competitive environment.

Explaining your typical recruitment process at the beginning, even if it is just what is required at application stage on your website is a must. Video can be a great medium for this, breaking up all the reading and setting you apart from the competition.

4. Use video as part of the application process

Video interviewing has been used in various ways to reduce costs on travel and make quicker decisions without the need to align diaries.

However, interviews aren’t the only way to use video in your selection process. We’ve used video as a self-selection tool as part of the screening process, by creating a video that users can interact with to see what a day in the life of a recruiter is really like and test their skills by answering questions throughout:

As candidates seek to stand out and better demonstrate the real them you should also consider accepting or even requesting video resumes. Just as we’ve sometimes found with video interviews not all candidates will be up for the challenge, but providing the option will show your organisation is open to creativity and those who are changing with the times.

5. Vlogging careers advice or to position you as a thought leader

Vlogging seems to be almost every teenager’s ideal career right now, so nothing is more on trend than a video blog. You could get your CEO or one of your key hiring managers to record an overview of industry trends they are seeing in their world of work or what they think it takes to make it to the top, to help position you as a thought leader in that space to attract passive candidates, while allowing your candidates to know a little about their interviewer or future employer.

Alternatively, you could just create simple careers advice videos to support your candidates further.

The historic world of ‘advertise & apply’ (where active jobseekers at that point in time apply to advertised vacancies) is being superseded by a ‘find & engage’ approach, and few things are more engaging than video.

Your candidates want to know what it’s really like to work at your company, and video allows you to give them the context that words alone will struggle to convey. So whether you’re showcasing your employees, your workplace, the things you believe in or just promote your job openings video could well be a new addition to your talent acquisition toolkit.

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