Ultimate Guide On Enterprise Customer Service

The Customer is king – there is no better way to start this. It highlights the importance of the customer and how integral it is to the success of any business. One of the worst things that you would have faced as a customer, after a bad product/service experience are the long hours wasted on hold as you try to get a grasp on one of their customer support reps. To add to this pain, if the resolution is not offered quickly, it just adds a ‘cherry on top of the cake’. We are here to change that though – through an ultimate guide to excellent enterprise customer service.

We have tried to include everything from as generalistic as call centre solutions to something as specific as managing internal phone number tags. To shed some more light on how crucial this is, 90% of people in the United States use customer service quality as a parameter to judge whether to do business with a company or not.

What Is Enterprise Customer Service?

Enterprise customer service is all about serving your customers well. Timing is really important when you’re trying to achieve a good customer service quality. Enterprise customer support involves resolving queries quickly, reaching out to customers for feedback, and telling them about how to get the most out of your product/service.

Enterprise customer service can be done via multiple channels – in fact it is beneficial for the company if they utilize as many communication channels as possible. The entire idea is to never let the customer feel abandoned in times of need.

Enterprise Customer Service Must Dos

We have curated a helpful list of pointers that can help you in getting a better standard of customer service. Let’s take a deeper look.

Use Internal Phone Number Tags For Call LinesThis is quite an underappreciated way of managing your customer hotlines. However, it is extremely helpful in letting you manage everything and in scaling your business. What exactly are internal phone number tags, you ask? If your company uses multiple numbers for queries and for approaching your audience, you can tag the lines in order to categorize incoming and outgoing calls.

Internal phone number tags allow you to actually see which number the customer dialed and then take a decision based on that. Maybe you have a dedicated number for a specific product. Tags can help you take a quicker approach to resolving queries for that product. It saves your business time and cuts a lot of work for your team. The long drawn process of identifying the process is reduced and ultimately, the customer is left with a much quicker response time.

Call Center Solutions If you are operating a BPO or have hired an agency to take care of your call centre needs, both inbound and outbound, there are certain best practices that you can adopt to make things better for yourself as well as for the customer:

1. Train your customer service representatives irrespective of their position in the hierarchy. In fact, it is better to train them according to the position they hold and the kind of service they are offering.

2. Filter calls via AI or other intelligent mechanisms. A chatbot, for example, can filter out useless queries and only pass on the genuine ones. They can also route the query to the right representative.

3. Record calls for quality purposes – businesses do it to understand how their employees are handling customers. It is good to recognise the pain points in the early stages of your business.

Be Customer Oriented

Call centre solutions can only take you to a certain stage. After that, it is up to you to make the right decisions. It is wise to take a customer-oriented approach in your business and try to solve real world problems. It happens often that companies ‘fall in love’ with their product/service and ignore the concerns of the larger audience.

A problem looking for a solution is the worst thing that your company can do. You can achieve better market understanding via:

1. Customer feedback.

2. Resarching pain points.

3. Learning how competitors are dealing with customers.

4. Adopting agile methods to improve your product/service.


Enterprise customer service solutions play a paramount role in developing any kind of brand, especially for tangible products. Call centre solutions, using multiple communication channels, using internal phone number tags, etc. are just pieces of a much larger picture.