Uncovering Digital Secrets

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Finding ways of bringing about justice has become more difficult, as technology plays an increasingly important role in every aspect of society, including crime. The team behind Forensic Discovery has committed themselves to developing new ways of working that can support clients in early-stage legal discovery. In CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards, they were a Recognised Leader in Computer Forensics 2020 – Colorado so we thought we’d take a closer look to find out more.

The world of computer forensics has become big business around the world in the last few years as more and more people have begun to exploit technology for their own ends. To the untrained eye, information can be easily removed from these devices or stored in secret areas, but professional outfits like the team at Forensic Discovery are able to uncover the truth of what really occurred.

When the team at Forensic Discovery are engaged by a legal professional, they are employed to work in partnership with their clients. Essentially acting as the technical arm of the client, they cover an enormous range of different demands including computer forensic collections, computer forensic analysis, early case assessment with NUIX and expert witness related work. The team are in incredibly high demand thanks to their strong record of expert analysis which has changed the direction of many legal cases over the years.

Forensic Discovery’s high demand is due to the capacity that the team have been able to demonstrate over the years for exceptional results. They can assist in nearly all aspects of computer forensics, holding the necessary tools and expertise to properly execute a “duty to preserve” requirement. When a device is taken it, the team follow standard procedures to ensure that it is not damaged in any way. This include isolating the device and taking a digital copy of the device’s storage media. Once this is complete, the original can be secured in a safe place and any investigation done on the copy.

This prevents any damage being done to evidence while also enabling the team to plumb the depths of what is open to them. The team has been able to provide forensic data collections on a wide variety of devices and platforms, investing carefully to ensure that their team offers a service that goes above and beyond the competition. Clients have often commented that their work is not only quicker and more cost-effective, but superior in every respect.

The techniques involved in this line of investigation are incredibly niche, and require precise work to uncover what others have desperately tried to keep hidden. Often the most valuable of evidence can be discovered through searching hidden folders and unallocated disk space for copies of deleted, encrypted, or damaged files. Any evidence is carefully documented in a finding report and verified with the original in preparation for legal proceedings that involve discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.

What sets the Forensic Discovery team apart is not just their skill, but the care with which matters are prepared for the courtroom. The team have been proud to offer analysis for affidavits, expert reports or expert testimony. When a client finds themselves in a complicated discovery dispute with opposing counsel or need a solid discovery protocol, the team at Forensic Discovery has the experience to assist and ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

To ensure consistent results with every case, the team have taken the time to develop a reliable workflow that opens up the way in which analysis is done. The team can take a look at the collected data using an early case assessment hosted document platform, NUIX. NUIX has proven to be an invaluable asset to many, transforming messy data into intelligence that can be acted upon quickly.

The secret of the team’s impressive success is the way in which they have integrated these systems in order to provide a comprehensive solution on a client’s behalf. Once the early case assessment data is achieved within the team’s platform, it’s easy to come back to if the need arises. Often clients have to undertake additional search and supplemental discovery of information. The handoff between the two processes, therefore, is designed to be as seamless as possible in order to facilitate a smooth and effective process.

Through NUIX, clients are able to perform their own searches through the incredible information that can be discovered. These searches result in immediate detailed results that allow the team to make vital strategic decisions throughout the litigation process, specifically 26f preparation. Otherwise known as a Case Management Conference, this preparation can be supported by the Forensic Discovery team often to everyone’s advantage. The team are able to establish scopes that may include data sources, data types, date ranges, associated custodians, custodial surveys, search terms and production formats. Over the years, the team have found that the better prepared party often has the strategic discovery advantage throughout the litigation and they are on hand to ensure that their clients know exactly what is coming.

As data has begun to play such an essential part in many cases, the team have made sure that their approach is as flexible as possible to achieve success. This is why it can be exported in a processed form to cooperate with a document review system or with a hosted review provider, such as Relativity, Eclipse, Summation, Concordance, iConnect and Ringtail. Building in this capacity ensures that fewer delays are met in the often sluggish legal system.

When clients turn to Forensic Discovery, it’s because their approach is carefully calibrated to meet the needs of the legal industry. This applies to every stage of the process, from the options though which clients can access the newly acquired data through to the way in which the Forensic Discovery team are happy to offer expert testimony on behalf of customers. It demonstrates a pride in their work and a transparency that has ensured they are always in high demand.

This transparency continues throughout the team’s astonishing work. While eDiscovery related costs can escalate quickly, the team at Forensic Discovery know best how to project the costs of a case not only accurately, but from a very early stage in the process. Some companies watch the costs rise and their clients find themselves unable to litigate as a result. The detailed projections used by Forensic Discovery have been able to dictate rulings in multiple state and federal courts, saving the firm’s clients millions of dollars.

It’s easy to see why so many turn to Forensic Discovery in their time of need. It goes without saying that their work is truly incredible, and the careful way in which they execute their roles supports the legal industry enormously. We celebrate their continued success and look forward to seeing where the team go next.

For business enquires, contact Trent Walton of Forensic Discovery via https://forensicdiscovery.expert/ or email at [email protected]