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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Build Your Company Culture.

Showing employees that their contributions are valued is key to building a strong company culture. However, generic corporate gifts like…

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Build Your Company Culture

25th August 2023

Company Culture

Showing employees that their contributions are valued is key to building a strong company culture. However, generic corporate gifts like mugs, pens and plaques often fall flat when it comes to making employees feel truly appreciated. Instead, businesses should consider more thoughtful and personalised rewards that demonstrate to workers that their efforts are meaningful.

With a culture of recognition fuelled by carefully selected presents, companies can retain top talent, increase engagement and build a supportive community. So, here are a few ideas for meaningful gifts that will help you build a strong company culture and motivate your staff to achieve more day-to-day.

Experiential Gifts

One creative way to recognise employees is through experiential gifts that create meaningful memories. Such gifting gestures help build stronger connections through shared experiences and opportunities. They can be used to celebrate the conclusion of successful team projects, reward existing employee outside interests, or offer new challenges to try.

Instead of giving a generic item, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Tickets to concerts, shows or sporting events
  • Passes for exclusive tours or experiences like backstage access
  • Classes or training in skills such as cooking, pottery and photography
  • Access to further training courses or online classes
  • Tasting tours of wineries, breweries or restaurants
  • Entries to runs, marathons or obstacle course races
  • Escape rooms or immersive team activities 

While extravagant trips may not be feasible, classes and events can still make the employee feel special. Unique or simply unexpected gifted experiences provide refreshing variety from material objects and create meaningful memories and conversations, encouraging team building, spreading joy and excitement, and showing deep appreciation for each employee’s passion.

Luxury Accessories

Providing unique accessories and jewellery can also make for memorable employee gifts. A luxury gift shows the employee they are valued and appreciated, and are a perfect idea to mark milestone events. Companies that want to stand out may want to extend that through the rewards they give to their employees as a way of reinforcing their values and reputation. Items to consider include:

  • Higher-end items like silver cufflinks, watches or handbags
  • Engraved or personalised items, with either employee’s initials or a special date like a work anniversary
  • Personalisation options like monogrammed wallets, bags or jewellery cases
  • Luxury watches inscribed with congratulatory messages
  • Leather goods, premium beauty items or briefcases
  • Smaller designer accessories like silk scarves or branded tech cases

When considering opulent gifts, focus on usefulness, quality craftsmanship and the opportunity to make them individual to each recipient. Luxury accessories become cherished for their sentimental value reminding the employee they are valued.

Wellness Gifts

Wellness-related presents show employees you care about their health and work-life balance. They provide the opportunity for employees to unwind and focus on themselves. Popular wellness gift ideas for businesses to consider include:

  • Spa packages with massages, facials and relaxation treatments
  • Fitness trackers like Fitbits and Apple Watches that motivate movement, healthier habits and happier staff
  • Fitness equipment like yoga mats and exercise gear
  • Discounted local gym memberships to support fitness goals
  • Class passes for specialty workouts like barre, boxing and cycling

All of these can be unexpected and a great way for staff to switch off from work.  Alternatively, you could gift subscription boxes containing wellness products, encouraging self-care away from work. There are many monthly boxes focused on areas like nutrition, aromatherapy, mindfulness or fitness, and boxes can be curated to match the recipient’s needs. They make the perfect gift for incentivising and rewarding remote staff.

Charitable Donations

Making a donation to charity in an employee’s name is a unique and socially responsible gift idea. It shows you support causes important to the recipient. Businesses could consider allowing employees to choose from a selection of pre-vetted non-profit organisations the company are happy to support, or provide guidelines for the types of charities you will contribute to on their behalf.

For environmentally-minded employees, you could donate to an organisation that plants trees or protects wildlife conservation. Charities focused on animal welfare appreciate donations. Local animal shelters, for example, would be an appropriate choice for donations made in honour of pet lovers. Or for those passionate about health, education or human rights, identify relevant non profit organisations to contribute to on their behalf. Along with the donation, it’s a nice idea to provide a certificate or card notifying the employee of the contribution made in their honour. Most charities provide digital donation receipts you can forward to the employee.

Charity gifts show you care about social impact and align with the employee’s values. To make the act of giving more special, consider tying donations to milestones like work anniversaries. Additionally, you could offer employees the opportunity to volunteer by granting paid time off for them to work with and assist a charity of their choice..

Finding meaningful gifts that make employees feel truly valued requires moving beyond the generic and expected. It involves creating a deeper connection with your employees by understanding their passions, interests, and needs. Tailoring your gifts to align with their unique preferences not only shows your genuine appreciation but also fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging them to continue contributing to the success of the company. By investing the time and effort to curate meaningful gifts, you’re cultivating a culture of recognition and respect, where employees feel motivated, valued, and engaged. This approach to corporate gifting enriches your company culture, enhances employee satisfaction, and ultimately drives your business forward.

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