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Valuable Graduate Degrees to Help HR Professionals with Career Advancement.

Valuable Graduate Degrees to Help HR Professionals with Career Advancement HR professionals are the backbone of most companies. Without the…

Valuable Graduate Degrees to Help HR Professionals with Career Advancement

1st December 2023

Valuable Graduate Degrees to Help HR Professionals with Career Advancement

HR professionals are the backbone of most companies. Without the time, energy and effort put forth by those teams, the basic formats for how a business is run— billing, hiring, training and development— might not be in process. Being that there is a solid and consistent need for HR professionals, the number of people who can be employed in those positions is somewhat predictable.

An extension of this is that there is room for growth and advancement, especially in larger organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there is an expected growth of around 6% to this industry for 2022-2032. These numbers are a combination of new, projected openings, many of those coming from the transferring or retirements of persons out of this labor force.

While advancement and raises can come as the result of many different reasons, one of the more predictable reasons that someone might find greater success in an HR career has to do with the amount of knowledge, experience, and schooling that they have accrued. The expansion of multiple industries in such fields as medicine, technology, and environmental sustainability is opening the way for many new positions.

Taking the time to consider which industry has the greatest need, which overlaps with personal ability and interest, as well personal ambition is a great way to think through where a new HR position may be available. That, however, is just a first step.

On the long road to professional success, time and advancement can be significantly fast tracked by graduate degrees, not only for the learning which accompanies such studies, but the connections and opportunities which arise out of that accomplishment.

The following is a list of some valuable graduate degrees that may help HR professionals in their professional advancement aspirations.

Profitable Degree Choices— General Choices

MS in Human Resource Management

These masters or degree, while varying in format from college to college, is geared toward generally equipping a professional for any of the many day-today requirements that may be part of an HR employees’ day. There is a focus on the development of skills which include conflict resolution, policy enforcement, management or employees and resources, and guidance in productivity management techniques.

While such a program tends to deal a lot in theory— like AI and machine learning— and the various techniques and tools which are common in today’s industries, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and question cutting edge HR Tools, technologies, and applications.

Masters of Business Administration

Masters of Business Administration (or MBA) is an all-around emphasis on modern business tactics from a graduate level concentration. Masters of Business Administration degrees are a much broader approach to training in HR techniques because of the fact that they involve and study much more than human resource management.

An emphasis on management techniques in communication, motivation, training, and employee retention would thread through most programs of this nature.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Programs of this nature lean into the measurement, assessment, research, and study of human behavior as it plays itself out in organizational contexts. Heavy emphasis on the psychology of human behavior like learning, behavior, personal motivation, interpersonal conflict, and communication techniques are common to such degrees.

There can often be a leaning toward directing the student into research based, practitioner type learning models that attempt to refine the student’s ability to understand and interact with the spectrum of human behavioral actions. Being that many of these programs can incorporate research models, there is an injection of data analysis from statistical perspectives with the thought of preparing graduates to understand and determine how organizational data influences corporate performance and even the thought of going on to a DrPh or PhD program.

Profitable Degree Choices— Specific Selections

Masters of Management

Marquette University- Marquette, Wisconsin

This is a 30 course-credit graduate degree that combines a focus in human strategy capital, leadership coaching, management, as well as a variety of aspects related to leadership in business. The regular course work, in combination with a selection of elective courses has the potential to merge different interests and disciplines.

Additionally, there is a final project that seeks to summarize the scholastic training. A flexible option for timeline to completion as well as in-class or online formats makes this an attractive program to any current business professional.

Master of Science in Human Resource Management

University of Texas, Arlington

This MS program has a six-course core curriculum that includes consulting, management techniques, and human resource law standards. There is also the option to do a thesis/ non-thesis based requirement which can cater to long term career path goals. There are two research courses embedded in the degree and the freedom of three elective courses to choose from.

Master Of Science in Human Resource Management

Florida International University- Miami, Florida

This accelerated graduate program can be completed in just under a year’s time as a result of its offering of weekend courses. For those who are looking for a more traditional pace, however, will not be disappointed for there is also a two-year based program that can be married with part-time work positions.

Course work is generalized to a degree of this nature dealing in topics like human resource management, human conflict management, finance, and wellness avocation. The addition of course completion with a career service seminar or an internship rounds out this solid program.

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