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Web Conferencing Tools That Will Add Zest To Online Meetings.

Web conferencing has many limitations like engaging and connecting with the audience is more difficult online as compared to physical…

Web Conferencing Tools That Will Add Zest To Online Meetings

20th September 2021

Woman in an online meeting while also giving a presentaion

Connecting with large audiences, be it for teaching, training, or addressing your employees remotely, has become the need of the hour. In many situations, this has been a blessing in disguise. Getting into the habit of online meetings, virtual training, web-conferencing, online meetings have suddenly become cost-effective along with saving everyone’s time. Travel, stay, and other administrative costs, all can be done away with simple web conferencing software.


Any new shift brings along both the benefits and the challenges. Web conferencing also has many limitations like engaging and connecting with the audience is more difficult online as compared to physical meetings and conferences. Collaborating with teams becomes complex when not in one room and many more.


Suggested below are some of the web conferencing tools that can be added to overcome some of the challenges.


Engagement Tools: Engaging the audiences in real life is comparatively simpler. A good web conferencing software comes with built-in engagement tools like chat, FAQs, polls, question tabs. You can additionally install the following tools to enhance the levels of engagement

  • By adding visual effects with the help of Snap Camera and ManyCam can help you pep up the meeting. These tools help in removing/blurring the backgrounds thus reducing the distractions. You can even add some special effects to make it lively. Snap Camera lets you place virtual reality filters over your image. By downloading the desktop apps from both the tool provides, you can start using them immediately and they are free to download and use. However, you may face some technical glitches while using Snap Camera as it puts a double load on the camera that your computer might face challenges with. You just need to reboot your system and it will work normally.
  • Background noises can be distractive. By installing Krisp, you can eliminate all kinds of background noises. This AI-powered tool acts as a filter to transmit only the speech directly through the microphone of your system. The advantage of being completely private, you eliminate the risk of becoming public as the voice is processed right on your computer.


Collaboration: Though you are connecting virtually with teams, planning and working with them is important. Gathering feedback after the event also is required for improving. The use of virtual whiteboards is a great tool to collaborate with teams. To present exactly what you want can be made easier and simpler with these tools.

  • Miro and Sketchboards are two wonderful collaborative tools. By using the attention management feature of Miro, you can easily draw the attention of the diversified team to focus on your screen and what you are working on. Sketchboard provides the interactive digital whiteboard that helps the teams to put the ideas on the same platform, complete projects, and brainstorm. You can save and reuse the presentations and the drawings shared with the team in one meeting. It also has the feature of automatically updating the participants with the changes and updates.


Feedback: A good web conferencing software like Adobe Connect have many built-in features to take feedback like polls. The chat feature is also included in the interface. However, to opt for varied feedback options, Mentimeter can be a great tool to add to your list.

  • Mentimeter is software that helps in making your presentations, events, workshops more collaborative. Gathering feedback on a real-time basis is the most liked feature of this tool. It is easy to set up without the requirement of downloads or installations. The audience can share feedback, polls, ask questions while the event/conference is live. On completion of the event, you can export these details for further analysis.


Conclusion: There are many more tools one can add to make your web conferencing software more effective and interactive. However, choosing the right software will be the first step with the number of available options. Do compare Adobe Connect pricing with other available options relatively.

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