West Coast Innovation, Rust Belt Work Ethic

Man using tab on laptop with floating icons of digital marketing floating around him

Having gained renown as the West Coast’s ‘Leading Digital Marketing and SEO Agency’ for 2022, Ohio based company iSynergy has set itself up for success by way of tenacity, transparency, and innovation. Despite its recent boom both in clientele and notoriety, it is refusing to rest on its laurels, instead continuing to develop newer and better processes so that it can remain competitive. All of this and more have resulted in a company that has more than earned the trust of its market segment.

Having hit the ground running in 2011, iSynergy has become one of the industry’s foremost software and digital marketing companies. As its client needs have grown, it has also been developing itself over time, showing its increasingly impressive dedication to keeping its finger on the pulse of an industry that – by its very nature – is always in flux. Therefore, it has been in a constant state of change itself. This is part of its dedication to always striving to meet the changing needs of its clients, as it works hard to help them rise to the challenges they face daily, providing them with the technologies that will help them to do this.

Having purchased its current office building in 2017, it has taken pride in its small, tightly knit team, maintaining a team that boast close intra-personal bonds and work together exceedingly well. Every employee within iSynergy – 5 of whom have been around since its inception – has been chosen for the expertise they hold in modern technological business solutions and the dedication they show to using this knowledge to improve the contemporary corporate landscape. Truly, each of them believes that through digital marketing, every company can access heretofore untapped areas of their market.

When a marketing strategy – such as the ones iSynergy offers – goes beyond billboards to truly connect with an end customer, that is when it knows that it has succeeded. Therefore, its caring and diligent staff have the desire to provide quality work that is emboldened by the principles of charisma and commitment, something that it has been very careful to build within its team. Whilst it does not have a specific end-goal for iSynergy, its team have been pushing it forward towards greater success by making it such an invaluable digital marketing partner.

Fundamentally, it focuses on being adaptive and tailorable, never losing itself in the steps of a 3- or 5-year plan; in this manner, it can instead focus on the immediate future and the immediate health of its clients, keeping its work relevant to the challenges they are facing on a day-to-day basis. Thusly, it has built its processes on a foundation of transparency as one of its most important business principles. This ensures that its customers receive a full view of the entire process from start to finish, from the research and insights to the results and data, keeping absolutely nothing held back and letting the customer get as involved in the process as they wish to be.

Therefore, it has set itself apart in digital marketing by being the company that refuses to use red tape, instead preferring an ‘access all areas’ approach that keeps the client themselves an inextricable part of their own digital marketing solutions. Its hierarchy is also something that looks very different from that of most of its competitors. Lacking middle-management of any kind, it instead prefers a design based on the trust of its employees to take accountability for their own work and responsibilities. This trust makes sure that its employees have full control over their own careers, and know every element of their workload, why it must be done, and to what deadlines, creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels seen and respected for their contributions. Each person manages their own desk and answers to both the clients and each other.

By always changing and adapting its processes to best suit the wider digital marketing sector, it also creates a business that can deliver messages to the right audience, at the right time, and with the right content. Nominally, helping clients to refine what they wish to get across to their market segment, it wishes to impart a ‘permanent beta phase’ way of working upon them that allows its clients to have their say should they wish to bring up any comments or critiques. A ‘permanent beta’ attitude helps it to do this as it becomes a guiding hand that is cognizant of its own potential blind spots or areas of less developed knowledge.

It never settles for a status quo. Instead, it is dedicated to taking client concerns and improvements to heart, ensuring that they feel the depth to which it holds the customer at the heart of its operations as the expert in their own brand. After all, who knows their company better than the people behind that company’s operations? This Midwest company knows that the answer to that is no one, and that it is the job of the digital marketer to get to know this brand and the people behind it on a deep and personal level so that it can appropriately deliver the right message.

Keeping pace with the coastal technological innovators, its West Coast innovation meets Rust Belt work ethic in order to keep everything in house; the result being a leaner company, better working processes, and more savings for the clients, ensuring they are only ever paying for the services that will directly benefit them. Thus, it has no interest in ‘upselling’ its clients. Today, its team number 15 dedicated people who work hard to make the goals of exemplary client service a reality, growing and developing into something bigger and better in order to remain at the top of its game. In digital marketing, where the most difficult challenge is the ingrained mistrust and misunderstanding within the industry, it wishes to be the company that makes the difference, leading from the front in order to show its peers a better way of operating.

With an office designed to encourage creativity and great ideas coming from all areas of the business, it believes that no one person has the sole idea of coming up with all the ideas. Indeed, every person in its office has a say regarding new clients and projects, each lending their expert hand to the task of creating the best solutions to modern problems and using their highly diverse and varied pools of knowledge to do so. Between each member of staff, iSynergy is always sure to come up with something exemplary, and this is a commitment it will continue to prove its dedication to as it moves towards the future.

For business enquiries, contact Steve Cross from iSynergy on their website – isynergy.io