What are the Digital Marketing Strategies Needed to Start an Online Business?

Customer using a laptop to shop on an ecommerce site

If you are getting ready to launch an e-commerce, there are online marketing strategies that you absolutely need to take in account, if you want your company to grow. The internet is a very competitive playground and you can be sure that most of your competitors are already master at them. Here are the three digital marketing strategies you need to learn and focus on, right away.


The World Wide Web: A Market that keeps growing

Although you won’t be alone in your field, you can at least feel confident about your chances, as well as regarding the future. That is because the market is only showing signs of growth, year after year. That was particularly true in 2021, when it saw more people going online, with the average person spending more time and (most importantly) more money than in 2020. And that previous year was already a very good one, in terms of sales increase online. Today, the global market on the internet consists of 2.14 billion potential buyers. Enough for everyone who prepares the right way, before launching his business online.


How to be competitive from the Start?

Because it takes time to position yourself online, as you will see when we describe the SEO strategy, don’t expect to become the world leader in your field, as soon as you launch your website. Furthermore, you will need to keep working on your digital strategies at all time, if you want to ever come close to the top. But the first thing you need is to find the right support, that will enable you to launch the right way, and to acquire all the tools you need. That is why it is so important to start an account on a digital marketing specialist website, such as the one located here: https://www.12handz.com/. They will be able to help you out regarding the various strategies below and others that we won’t mention on here, as well.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

To anyone already doing business online, those three letters hold no secret. But if you are new to entrepreneurship, it may still be a mystery. The internet world is more or less directed by search engines. We are being rather inclusive by using the plural since most of the market is held by one giant player: Google. When you get into e-commerce, what you want is for Google to find you, when it sends out its little robots to find the most interesting companies, in every field. Like everything else online, these bots are programmed to search for precise elements. These are the ones that SEO focus on.

It all starts as you are building your website. Google attaches importance to a variety of technical things, when it looks for what it considers to be the best online. First, it looks at how fast your pages load. Then, it checks if the visual has been optimised for mobile phones. But it also takes in account the way the URL is built, as well as other technical things which you will need to discuss with the specialists you will have chosen, as we mentioned inside the previous point. After, you will need to create content online, that will be of the highest quality. Many companies specialise in creating such content, and place them on the best websites, in order to provide you a higher ranking on Goggle’s search engine.


Get Into Social Media

Whether you like them or not, as an individual, social media are a must for any business that wants to survive online. To be absent from Instagram and YouTube, today, is the best way to ensure that you sales stats remain stagnant. Again, this strategy takes time. You cannot suddenly go from one follower to one hundred thousand. Some companies may pretend that they can do that for you, but be prepared to face the fact, that those followers have zero interest in what you do, and will either leave or never look at what you publish. The interest of social media is how internet users interact with your company. If they don’t, then there is simply no point, no matter how many they are.

It is one thing to be on social media, yet another to know how to create posts that will interest your fan base. You have to keep in mind that content online is endless. Therefore, if you offer some that is uninteresting, or that simply doesn’t look professional, all the hard work (and money you paid) to get them to follow, will simply be a waste. Again, check with the specialists first, before starting your social media campaign.


Email List and Newsletter

Last, but not less important in any way, is the construction of an e-mail list. When internet users stop by your place, you need to find a way to get their e-mail, so you can keep them informed of developments. The best way to do so is through a newsletter. Now, you are ready to go!