What is Email Security? – Defining Security of Email

Email security has become of the top discussion topics when it comes to online vulnerabilities. We all use email communication in our daily life. Millions of emails are sent and received every single day. Most of them are carrying sensitive information and if it falls in the wrong hand, it might cause heavy damage to the users. Though leading companies like Google, and Microsoft is spending millions of dollar just to ensure that their clients are on the safe side, still we are not immune from cyber threats.

Being active user, we are the one who needs to be careful while dealing with sensitive information via emails. In this article, we are going to discuss email security and give you some amazing tips which will help you to protect your vital data.

Abuse of emails

Before we dig deep, we need to understand how emails are abused. In most cases, people are affected due to phishing emails. This mean, you will get an email that will look pretty authentic and the email name will also look reliable at the first glance. But if you give it closer to the email address and the formatting, you should be able to identify the phishing emails. You can also use anti phishing software which will warn you about the potential spam emails.

How it affects you

In most cases, the mail that you from unreliable sources is infected with a malicious program. Even if you click at any space of the email, the malicious program might get downloaded to your PC. So, be very careful while you are accessing an email from an unknown sender. It’s always better to discard the email which looks suspicious in any way. If you are not expecting any email from a certain person, you should not open the email which hits your inbox randomly.

Email security

Due to the simple mail transfer protocol used in the email, we should assume that the data which are being sent via email are not that secured. However, if we take some extra steps, we should be able to secure our email and keep the hackers away. For instance, download a VPN and use it while accessing emails. VPN encryption uses asymmetric key encryption which makes the data unreadable without the proper key. So, when you have a VPN in your system, the hackers will not be able to get the information from your emails. It would be hard for them to trace your footprint in the digital world as your IP address will be masked.

Using third-party software

To reinforce your email security, you may consider using third-party software. The best thing about email security enhancement is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Even by spending a few bucks per month, you should be able to protect your data from hackers. Those who are running small to large size businesses always opt-in for email security software as they know the hackers are constantly trying to get vital information from their active users.

Use encrypted connection

Staying secure in the digital world is a very tough task. A small mistake from your end can be the prime cause of losing important data. So, whenever you use any email, make sure it is using encrypted connections. Some people often get hosting from unreliable companies and thus they don’t get any email that uses SSL or TLS connection. That’s why it is also very important that you use a reliable hosting service provider. If it becomes an expensive deal for your business organization, we strongly suggest you look for other companies that offer encrypted email platforms to their users.

Educate yourself

Staying safe is very hard when you have to deal with tons of sophisticated information via email. So, what should we do? The best way to protect yourself is to learn about the basic email threats. Try to educate yourself properly so that you can deal with the hacker’s threat. Always use two-factor authentication to login into your email address. Make sure you rely on a complex password. Every three months, change your password as it will make things extremely difficult for the hackers to get into your inbox.