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What Makes for a Good Customer Handover Experience

A YouGov survey in 2021 found that upwards of 62% of car buyers would prefer an in-person buying experience as…

What Makes for a Good Customer Handover Experience

17th April 2023

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A YouGov survey in 2021 found that upwards of 62% of car buyers would prefer an in-person buying experience as opposed to ordering a car online to be delivered. This shows how important dealerships and showrooms still are in the motoring world.

Customers put their buying experience as tantamount when it comes to making a purchase, with research from Astute Solutions finding that 74% of people will make purchases because of positive customer experience.

So, how can dealerships create a handover experience that helps assure their customers they’re making the right decision buying from them? In this article, we’ll go through what potential car buyers are looking for to have a positive experience.


Personalised experience

We all like feeling like we’re being looked after when having something sold to us. This is backed up by data from Hubspot that shows us that 76% of us who visit stores and dealerships in person want to feel like our needs are being considered by dealerships.

This doesn’t have to be a huge display by the dealership like a banner that says thank you. Small touches can make the world of difference, like being handed the keys to your new vehicle in a box with your initials or name printed on it.

Other additions being gifted to you free of charge like a keyring or a spare key can help to assure customers that their potential needs are being considered by the manufacturer.


An accessible and fast transaction

When travelling to a dealership to pick up a car, we as buyers want one thing in particular: efficiency. This comes in terms of not only how fast the paperwork can be completed so we can drive away in our new vehicle, but also the location of the dealership.

Buying from a dealership means we want to be able to drive away once we’ve signed the contracts. So, one way that the salesperson in charge of the handover can assure a positive experience for their buyer is by having the contracts and paperwork prepared in advance. This could be accentuated with post-it markers indicating where needs to be signed, dated, and printed for official purposes.

If the vehicle in question is located in a car park or warehouse on site but far enough away that there would be a short delay in driving it to the customer, they could move it in advance of their arrival time. That way, it’s easily accessible and ready to go – keeping efficiency in mind. It also helps customers feel like our time is being valued.


Helpful and friendly communication

We all want to feel like we’re being treated with respect and that’s no different when we’re making a purchase. Friendly, open communication from a salesperson can help put a car buyer at ease in every stage of purchase, whether it’s a first look around the dealership or the handover process.

Not every customer is an expert on cars, and there may be some last-minute questions or concerns they may have during the handover. This could be related to things like questions regarding the mileage of a used Mercedes car and when it was last serviced.

In these instances, salespeople can have a huge impact on their actions. For a more positive experience, doing what they can to help assure the buyer of any fears they may have can make a huge difference in the interaction and help them feel more at ease.

Buying a car is an important phase of your life, and having a positive handover experience to remember it can help influence important motoring decisions in the future. In particular, if you had a good experience with a dealership when first receiving the car and you decide to upgrade or change your vehicle in the future, you may be likely to take your business back to that dealer rather than finding a new one.

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