What you Should Consider Before Working in the Tech Industry

The technology industry mainly focuses on the design and development of the product and/or service that you are working with. It is important that you understand the demand and needs of the industry before you consider a career in tech.

Are you a good problem solver? Do you have patience? These are two main aspects you will need if you are wanting to work in tech. There are many places where you can develop these skills, and some companies offer many entry-level roles to progress these essential qualities.

What experience do you have?

Have you carried out any personal projects that you may want to include on your resume, like working with electronics or working with code? Do you have any qualifications in computer science, web development, or similar? 

Many employers will look for these basic skills, even down to using Mac OS or Windows and working with Microsoft products.

What have you done before?

Even if this is a part-time role that you have had over university or college – have you worked in a tech-driven store or even worked in customer service? This will show that you are good with people, and work well with others. This is something that many employers look for, even in tech roles you will need to use these collaborative skills.

How do you feel about change?

Technology is continuously changing and working in tech you will need to keep up to speed with these changes. There will be tight deadlines, and you will be needed by many, especially within a larger agency setting. Web Designers and Cyber Security are two very important roles where you will need to meet many demands, in fact, these roles have been listed as two of the most in-demand tech roles for 2022. 

Do you have long-term career goals?

If yes, then this is the role for you, there is progression to be had within the tech industry due to the constant changes and the demand for more hands on deck. If you are a web developer, for example, you may start as a Junior Developer, and then branch to Mid-level, then to a senior full-stack development role.

Following this progression, there may be an option to lead the development team or go into management depending on your long-term goals. A good way to look at long-term progression would be Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a five-tier model that should help you decide on your growth and what motivates you considering all your basic human needs. Give yourself clear goals and try and find out what you want to achieve.

Are you a night owl?

Many tech-based roles take a lot of time to master, you may have to work extra hours on a night to craft your skills. If you are working within cyber security or for a product-based company, you may need to be there to fix the issue whatever time that may be.