Why Is Personalized Marketing Beneficial for Your Business?

Custom marketing

People like being heard, recognized, and respected. So shouldn’t your marketing strategies take this into account? From tradition to modern marketing methods, it has become more important than ever to adopt an individualized approach when interacting with customers. 


Today’s consumer is not just expecting personalization in emails, but rather at every stage of their interaction with your business. They want you to anticipate their needs and accordingly tailor communication and content. Personalized marketing can be beneficial for your business in a number of ways. Here’s how:


1. Find & Segment Target Audience

Sharing generic content with all of your audience is perhaps not the best option. There is no point in creating high-quality content if it’s irrelevant for your target customers. 

As a modern marketer, you have access to a variety of information that can help you easily find and segment your target audience. By analyzing surveys, purchasing history, locations, and other factors, you can learn more about your customer’s interests. You can use this knowledge to create content that your audience finds useful.


2. Curate High-Quality Content

There is so much online content created every day. Just like you, other businesses are trying to catch the audience’s attention. So how do you make them notice your brand? Personalized marketing strategies help you stand out from the crowd by sharing unique and high-quality content. A customer is likely to see an email that addresses them by their name instead of a generic salutation. 


3. Build Long-Lasting Relationships

The goal of a great marketing strategy isn’t just making a sale but rather nurturing a long-lasting customer relationship. Instead of interacting with customers only when they purchase your product, you should express your gratitude on a regular basis. For example, it’s a good practice to send an email wishing Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays to your customers. 


4. Improve Customer Engagement

Not every customer that visits your website is doing so intending to purchase something. They could just be casually browsing. That’s why customer engagement is necessary to keep your target audience interested in your brand and build strong relationships. Instead of focusing on making a sale, pay attention to creating the right impression with personalization. 


5. Achieve Consistency Across Channels

Since you are using several channels to connect with your customers, they are likely interacting with you through various channels. If a customer usually shopped on your website but recently downloaded your app, then both of these platforms should deliver similar standards of user experience. With personalized marketing, you can achieve consistency across different channels. 


6. Boost Conversions

In addition to engagement, personalization has a direct correlation to increased conversions and sales. Using personalized marketing strategies, you can urge visitors to convert into paying customers. For example, if you pay attention to your customer’s buying history and accordingly offer a suitable recommendation, this can encourage them to complete a purchase. 


7. Gain Customer Loyalty

As previously mentioned, a one-time sale is not the goal. You want to satisfy the customers to gain their loyalty in the long term. And this can be achieved with the help of personalization. Personalized marketing tactics involve learning customer’s behavior and accordingly delivering content and recommendations. 


8. Humanize Your Brand

At times automated messages are convenient, but they usually lack ‘human touch’. Personalization is a reliable way to humanize your brand. Rather than feeling like they are talking to a faceless entity, customers may feel more seen if you personalize your emails by signing them off with a real name.

You can further make the most of this by picking a brand ambassador for your brand. Someone from your team or a celebrity can serve as the face of your organization. 


9. Create Better User Experiences

A personalized marketing strategy allows you to provide your visitors with targeted recommendations. You can create a better user experience by understanding your customers’ needs and past purchasing behavior to offer personalized product recommendations.

Are you wondering how you can get started with personalized marketing? Take a look at some easy ways to implement personalized marketing.


Product Recommendations

Collecting customer data is a crucial element of personalized marketing. Businesses use such data to fine-tune their recommendations. Whether you offer a product or service, improving your product recommendation is a worthy strategy. If customers can instantly find the product they are looking for, they are likely to have a positive experience. 


Customized Video Messages

Many businesses out there are sending personalized messages and emails. If you want to set yourself apart, then impress your customers with customized video messages. For example, Spotify annually creates ‘Spotify Wrapped’ that gives listeners a rundown of their favorite music and artists from the past year. 


Start Rewards Program

Rewards programs aren’t anything new, but it remains a relevant strategy because it works. From Sephora to Starbucks, many big and small brands offer customer loyalty programs. Such programs considerably increase customer retention by encouraging them to become repeat customers. In addition to increasing revenue, loyalty programs can also create brand advocates who will refer your products to family and friends. 


Personalize Your Product

In the past, Coca-Cola created one of the most successful personalization marketing campaigns, ‘Share a Coke’. By replacing their logo with consumers’ names, they encourage customers to share the brand’s campaign on social media. In addition to increasing revenue, this campaign also significantly boosted customer engagement. 

In recent times, Lays launched the Smile campaign, where customers could nominate their (or someone else’s) smile and see it on the packaging. 


Personalize It All

Instead of only personalizing certain customer interactions, you can take it to the next level by personalizing the entire customer experience. You can analyze a user’s past behavior and accordingly customize your website or app. This implies that different customers will view different content and offers based on their unique profile and past behavior.


The Bottom Line

Saying that personalization is the future of marketing won’t be an exaggeration. Putting your customer first in communication is essential for an effective marketing strategy. You can streamline your marketing strategy by adopting new technologies such as Live Chat Support and email personalization software.


Becky Halls is a Co-Founder of Hyperise, a Hyper personalization toolkit for B2B marketers. She’s an experienced Growth Marketer, passionate about product design/development and online marketing.