Why it is Important to Think About Pigeon Proofing Your Company’s Solar Panels

Many companies nowadays have solar panels on their roofs. Solar panels are a favourite place for pigeons. They provide a home for the birds and shield them from weather elements such as extreme cold or during the hot summer months. Since the birds can fit underneath the panels, they can build nests and even lay eggs here. Well, while it sounds like a harmless thing, it poses various risks to your solar panels. Here is why you need to pigeon proof the panels and how you can do it!

Enhance Your Solar Energy System’s Efficiency

When the birds perch and live underneath the solar panels, they will leave droppings. With the droppings accumulating, they form a layer of debris which can obstruct your panels from absorbing enough sunlight. This affects your panel’s ability to take in sunlight.

With pigeon proofing solar panels UK services, you can keep the birds away and maximize your solar energy output.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics

Like other birds, pigeons make their home with small sticks and grass. While it may not be visible at first, the dirt will accumulate, and this does not benefit the outside view of your company.

The best thing about the pigeon proofing methods is that most are discreet and seamlessly blend in with the panels’ appearance. With this, you protect your company from pigeons while balancing aesthetics.

Extend Your Panel’s Lifespan

Solar panels are a huge financial investment. Their initial cost is pretty high, but the rewards come in handy after recouping your investment. In fact, most owners enjoy the solar panels for more than 30 years.

While they require minimal maintenance, having pigeons can create safety hazards. The birds can clog their nests with debris such as twigs and leaves, and this poses a fire risk. Besides the extra cost of having them cleaned, the pigeons reduce the efficacy of the panels. Having the pigeon proofing measures implemented ensures that the solar panels function optimally and serve you for a very long time.

Protect the Birds

Pigeon proofing protects the solar panels from damage and the birds from hazards. Naturally, it is not ideal for them to stay underneath solar panels. Having the methods in place encourages them to build their nests in a safer environment for them and their young ones.

A Quick List of the Pigeon Proofing Measures You Can Employ

Here is a quick sneak at the various methods you can use. Remember that your selected method depends on your preferences. Talk to a pigeon proofing expert such as Birdblocker for assistance in settling on the right one!

•          Using plastic roof spikes

•          Installing bird netting or mesh

•          Using plastic predators

•          Installing an automated bird-repellent system

•          Deterrent reflective mirrors


As you can see, pigeon proofing your company’s solar panels has many benefits for your panels, the birds, and your company in general. With the many pigeon proofing measures, you can choose the one that fits your building best, depending on your preferences. For instance, if you are looking for a discreet method, the anti-bird wire or roof spikes. Given the risk involved in installing these features, it is important that you contact an expert to help you. They have the relevant training and equipment to ensure it is swift, effective, and safe!