ceEntek Pte Ltd

ceEntek Pte Ltd

Best Global Ultra-High Performance Concrete Engineering Company 2021

ceEntek started operations in Singapore in early 2011 with the target to develop, produce and market Nano-Engineered UHPC solutions (“Next Generation UHPC”). Over the course of 10 years of development, the company standardized the methods for cost-effective mass production of Nano-engineered Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC 2.0TM) on the basis of its proprietary Carbon Nano-Fibers (CNF) binder technology. Today ceEntek offers a family of application-specific products for a broad range of utilizations. This includes self-leveling UHPC for joint-fills and pre-cast elements,  thixotropic UHPC for bridge & road overlay rehabilitation as well as pumpable UHPC for offshore/subsea grouting and windfarm installations. For architectural and façade panel applications, ceEntek supplies multi-colored UHPC both for casting- and spray-type usage.

ceEntek’s simple UHPC2.0TM system allows the production of its dry blend with the use of local raw materials such as cement and sand cutting out logistics costs. This makes UHPC2.0TM available on a global basis at a competitive price for the end-user.

ceEntek is using its technology leadership to further cost reduce the production of UHPC, eliminate unnecessary logistics costs and continue to optimize fresh and hardened properties of UHPC2.0TM.

ceEntek supplies its products around the world including Asia, Middle East, Australia, the Americas and Europe with its ‘Best in Class’ service, quality and pricing strategy built on customer satisfaction for a seamless experience from the first phonecall to the service life of the UHPC2.0TM based projects.