World Youth Skills Day: Top Skills Employers Are Looking For!

World Youth Skills Day

The 15th of July is declared as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate and reinforce the importance of equipping young people with the necessary skills to excel in a professional working environment.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top skills that employers are looking out for the most when hiring new employees in 2021.


Critical thinking

Post Covid-19, employers are looking to hire people who are able to analyse and evaluate situations and problems constructively, to then come up with an effective solution. Businesses have faced many problems in the last year and will continue to do so as the Covid-19 situation continues to fluctuate. Therefore, the ability to identify, assess and solve problems as part of a team, as well as individually, will be a crucial part of any job.



There is a sudden surge in demand for the ability of employees to remain resilient yet flexible as the situation with Covid-19 constantly changes. These two skills are vital in 2021 as employers seek those who can adjust easily to constant change and are comfortable with the uncertainty of the current climate. Employers are always looking for people who can work flexible hours and days during the week to adhere to the workflow.



The ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and staff is essential within businesses, but now being able to communicate effectively over telephone, video call, email and social media is equally required. There are many benefits to having strong communication skills such as creating a strong team and achieving productivity goals. But, now in 2021 when most things have moved to digital and most people have to work from home, it has become crucial that one is competent with using digital communication programs such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)/New Technology

The world has become tech-driven more than it has been before, it is therefore essential for employees to be technology literate and own the ability to quickly familiarise themselves with new technology and software tools.

Businesses are beginning to invest in upskilling their employees to ensure their workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge of upcoming technological and digital devices. Investing in developing employees’ skills will create an advanced workforce, will drive the company’s performance, and will establish a progressive and fast-adapting environment to produce better quality products and services. As a young person, you should look to develop your digital skills through courses available online or look into courses provided by academic institutions. This will not only allow you to develop and polish your skill set but will also make you stand out as a dedicated candidate.