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10 Tips For Generating B2B Leads With LinkedIn Ads.

Connecting with a target audience on the right platform is crucial to your success in advertising. The best place to…

10 Tips For Generating B2B Leads With LinkedIn Ads

21st October 2022

Connecting with a target audience on the right platform is crucial to your success in advertising. The best place to generate B2B leads is LinkedIn. This business-oriented platform helps you avoid the clutter present on other networks when promoting a B2B company.

Fortunately, there are proven tips for succeeding with LinkedIn ads. Read on to find out 10 LinkedIn ad tips for your business.

#1 – Test Out Bids

You can only be sure of the LinkedIn ads that suit your goals when you test frequently. Although you may make a data-based guess at the beginning, only testing can help you figure out the best bids for the highest level of exposure. When testing your ads, look out for LinkedIn ads metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, and click-through rates to make the best decision.

#2 – Experiment With Ad Types

LinkedIn has several ad options to suit different goals and how to reach a target audience. LinkedIn ad options include but are not limited to sponsored content, carousel ads, sponsored messaging, video, and lead gen forms. Experimenting with the formats helps you determine the one that best suits your brand and goals. If you’re looking for additional assistance with your LinkedIn advertising strategy, consider exploring the growth service platforms through websites like Earthweb.

#3 – Choose The Right Target

There are several people available on LinkedIn to target with ads. Thus it is easy to pay to target your message to the wrong people. When targeting your ads, it is best to reach the decision-makers. Investing in marketing and targeting employees without authorization to spend on your services is futile. It is always best to target at or near the top of the right companies for the key people to see you.

#4 – Harness Retargeting Power

Retargeting pixel helps you reach people who have engaged with your brand in one way or another. Suppose you haven’t tried retargeting for your organization. In that case, it is best to start now as this technique is well-known in marketing circles. Fortunately, it is easy to implement retargeting with LinkedIn ads and get more ROI.

#5 – Don’t Ignore Organic Efforts

LinkedIn ads are great for reaching decision-makers in the right organizations. But it would be best if you did not ignore organic efforts despite paying for ads. Usually, you can develop the best relationships on LinkedIn through organic efforts. Therefore, it is best to use both organic and paid efforts for the best results.

#6 – Limit Your target

Targeting everyone is a common mistake on advertising platforms. Doing this will make you spend more on ads that won’t convert. When starting, it is best to make your campaigns conservative and target only a narrow set of users who are almost certain of being interested in your offer. Afterward, gradually expand your reach and monitor results simultaneously.

#7 – Use Punchy Copy

Because of the several ad options and features available on LinkedIn, it is easy to get lost in them while forgetting to spend enough time on your copy. Good ad copy is always essential; writing it is not a piece of cake. You can either work on your copy or hire a professional copywriter if your in-house copy is not getting the best results.

#8 – Know Your Outcome

Before starting with LinkedIn ads, it is best to know your goals. For example, are you running the ads to make more sales or to add prospects to the funnel’s top? Knowing the outcome from the beginning helps you understand how to position your ads to make sense to your target audience.

#9 – Be A Professional

LinkedIn is a professional platform. Therefore, you can’t pose yourself as an amateur when running ads. Otherwise, you won’t get results. It is, therefore, best to match the level of your prospects by impressing them and putting time and money into creating great ads.

#10 – Have A Budget Schedule

A budget schedule includes how much you want to spend on LinkedIn ads and when to spend that money. For instance, the first month may require a few hundred dollars for ad testing on small campaigns. The following month may need about $1000-$2000 to ramp up the working ads. With time, you can allocate a few thousand dollars per month as your ongoing budget.

Final Thoughts

The time and effort it takes to run a LinkedIn ads campaign may surprise some business owners and managers. However, when running an ad campaign, you must test consistently, to get the best results.

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