Arete22 Implements Customer Retention Strategy


With the fierce competition present in modern business environments, it’s crucial to do everything to protect the existing customer base.

Arete22’s expertise in this area has acted as a driving force in the firm becoming one of the most sought after outsourcing customer acquisitions solution within the sales and marketing industry.

Arete22 believes that a company’s ability to retain customers is based on how smooth and efficient their internal operations run. There are significant costs in finding new clients in the form of marketing costs, and Arete22 argues that positive word of mouth can prove to be an extremely cost-effective form of marketing. Word of mouth is the act of encouraging communication about a brand, and Arete22 believes it is the strongest form of recommendation, as it can spread like wildfire. If people are talking about a business, recommending it to friends and family then it is extremely likely there will be an increase in sales from new customers. If a company has a dedicated core of customers who are repeat purchasers, they are likely to pass on good reviews to further prospects.

Creating consistency

Whether it’s through amazing products, great customer service, incredible brand stories or even funny disclosure, Arete22 argues that it doesn’t matter – as long as it’s aligned to the needs, wants and desires of the consumers. Creating a consistency in the way a brand completes routine tasks for their customers is essential to this process. Arete22 believes that businesses need to determine the best way to complete tasks, and then develop a standard method or guideline of all operating procedures. This will also help to create confident workers who can truly say, “Yes – I do know how to complete that task.”

Proactively seeking feedback

Arete22 believes that – where possible – businesses should always attempt to get customer feedback immediately after their experience with the company. This is because feedback is a valuable source of information that can be used to make important decisions. Indeed, top performing companies are top performing companies because they consistently search for ways to make their best even better. Proactively seeking feedback, both internally from employees, and externally from customers, is likely to result in an improved experience for both parties.