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CGS – Software & Technology Innovation Award 2016.

Software & Technology Innovation Award 2016

CGS – Software & Technology Innovation Award 2016

18th August 2016


Strong Client Relationships Key to Success for CGS

CGS (Computer Generated Solutions) has been running for over 30 years. In this engaging interview, the CEO Phil Friedman, talks us through what the company does to stay ahead of its competitors and to stay relevant in the current market.

Headquartered in New York City, Computer Generated Solutions, Inc. (CGS) employs more than seven and a half thousand professionals across North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. CGS  was set up to support global enterprises, regional companies and government agencies with business applications, learning systems and outsourcing services to solve the fundamental business challenges they face.

CGS president and CEO Phil Friedman tells us about the companies’ clients and their ongoing business strategy. “Our clients span across several industries including fashion apparel, healthcare, hospitality as well as technology and telecoms. With offices spanning four continents, CGS delivers services to customers throughout 45 countries. Our strategy has always been one that focuses on our global presence to support our multinational clients, who are looking for business process solutions around the globe. CGS responds to this need. We are continuously looking for ways to meet our customers’ growing objectives, and in an effort to do this we envision further expansion in Asia and central Europe.”

When undertaking a new project, CGS understands that clients’ needs come first. “At CGS, we know that there is nothing basic about the fundamental business processes organisations rely on. Whenever we start working with a new customer or on a new project, we partner with that client to address the requirements to implement powerful, sensible solutions that strengthen our customers’ business and help to develop and support the foundation for future growth.

Throughout its growth, CGS has remained true to its entrepreneurial beginnings. The company values speed over bureaucracy and innovation over the commonplace, directly aligning its objectives with clients’ needs. The staff are the driving force behind every system, process and partnership. CGS’s global teams of experts strive to understand the core business problems each client is looking to address, adapt methodologies to fit clients’ unique culture, design tailor-made solutions and embed staff within client organisations, at times the company’s clients do not distinguish CGS’s team from their own.

With a team approach and attitude, a collaborative working style emphasizes unity, trust and open-mindedness for differing opinions to bring the best ideas and solutions to customers. From national holiday parties to local charitable programs, CGS employees are making a difference. The company offers technical and product training as well as health seminars, providing ongoing programs for destressing and encouraging employees’ healthy living habits, including chair yoga and “Fruitful Fridays.”

“CGS is focused on both the technology needed for success, as well as strong client relationships. We believe that rock-solid systems and reliable tools alongside knowledgeable team members and well-resourced relationships are the keys to successful, win-win projects with our clients.” This is what has helped CGS to become an award-winning business.

Over the past year, the software and technology industry has changed considerably as Phil explains, “We have seen a dramatic increase in mobile technology and cloud-based solutions. These solutions have become more affordable, scalable and responsive to customer needs. CGS has grown rapidly in this space, delivering cloud solutions – including mobile-based applications and cloud-delivered support. We estimate that within ten years, 70-80% of business applications will be delivered via the cloud.”

It is important for any business to stay on top of the current trends in the industry and CGS is no exception. “To stay relevant in the technology industry you must constantly evolve and grow with current trends while understanding what the competition is doing. It is also crucial that you surround yourself with talented people who have technology and industry knowledge in order to drive continuous innovation.” In order to stay ahead of their competitors, CGS listens to its customers to ensure they create innovative and successful products, “Our clients are our best asset in knowing what the industry needs. We have a ‘Customer Advisory Board’ that intimately knows our roadmap, helps shape future goals and adds value to our plans.”

Phil tells us what the future holds for CGS and explains how its software application suite, BlueCherry®, is helping to drive its success forward. “CGS is a growing company. Within eighteen months, we will exceed ten thousand employees, providing world-class solutions and developing new products and services. In addition, I would add that our flagship software applications, the CGS BlueCherry® Enterprise Software suite is becoming the standard solution in the industry. BlueCherry® was developed for the apparel, footwear and consumer goods market and it would not be surprising if it begins to take hold in other vertical markets as well.

“In business, you are never done. In the event you reach your objective, then you need to set the next plateau to accomplish. The time that you stop challenging yourself, you will go backwards.”

Company: CGS

Name: Phil Friedman, CGS president and CEO


Web Address:

Address: 200 Vesey, Brookfield Place, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10281

Telephone: 212-408-3800

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