Welcome to the October edition of Corporate Vision Magazine.

In this issue, we speak to Craig Macfarlane about how he has transformed his business and the IT industry, through the introduction of TransitionManager.

Also, we chat to other winners in Software and Technology Innovation including Profit Hawk, who explain what their Best Possible service offers to business leaders, and UPMC and Cheetah Medical who show how their medical services is beneficial to their clients.

Other health companies winning awards are SanaClis and Farrer Park Hospital. SanaClis, a leader in the CRO industry helps in the drug development process whilst the state of the art Farrer Park Hospital is the first, fully integrated healthcare and hospitality complex in Singapore.

Alongside this, we look at the latest corporate news and also examine relevant corporate issues such as ways to tackle fraud in the workplace. In September, Met Police arrested two officers in an anti-corruption operation. From this, we offer advice to companies on how they can prevent fraud in their business.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Matt Lewis, Editor