FocusVision Acquires 24Tru and QualVu


Adds Cloud-Based Asset Management to Growing Suite of Market Research Technologies.

FocusVision, the global leader in market research technologies, today announced the acquisition of 24Tru and QualVu. FocusVision’s commitment to providing world-class market research solutions coupled with white-glove customer service holds true as the company expands its product base. Both products offer immense value to FocusVision’s enterprise and agency clients.

24Tru enables the aggregation and organisation of all research content for efficient access to insights, video clips, images and entire reports. With 24Tru, Consumer Insights leaders can find, edit and share content in minutes and efficiently collaborate in online workspaces. Insights are shared in more engaging ways to bring the entire enterprise closer to the customer.

QualVu, the full-service qualitative research and insight arm of 24Tru, offers services for knowledge synthesis and integrated data delivery through the 24Tru platform. QualVu has led the online migration in qualitative research by leveraging video-based methodologies and data organisation services.

“The addition of 24Tru to FocusVision’s suite of quantitative and qualitative research solutions enhances the product options available to both FocusVision and 24Tru clients,” said Rodney Holm, VP of Product Development, FocusVision. “24Tru’s Research Intelligence (RI) technology allows users to find, edit and share their video, image and document assets. RI is the next generation of knowledge management, with the ability to ask questions of your data, collaborate with your stakeholders and connect the organisation with the customer.”

“24Tru and QualVu are valuable assets that closely align with our existing family of products,” said Jayme Plunkett, Chief Product Officer at FocusVision. “We are proud to integrate these solutions into the FocusVision suite of technologies.”