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Decades of Logistics Experience.

As part of 2017 Transport & Logistics 100, LHR Global Logistics achieved success in winning the 2017 Best for Warehousing,…

Decades of Logistics Experience

31st August 2017


Decades of Logistics Experience

As part of 2017 Transport & Logistics 100, LHR Global Logistics achieved success in winning the 2017 Best for Warehousing, Supply Chain & Logistics award. We invited the company’s Chris Black to profile their role in the transportation and supply chain industry and the success they are enjoying.

.LHR Global Logistics has been providing tailored service solutions to its valued clients since 2007 and has continued to sustain double digit growth, year over year, through this period in customer, consignment and revenue growth.

We attribute this successful track record to our core company values, which are:

• ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ – Providing a range of service choices.

• ‘Professional, timely and courteous’ – Impressions always count.

• ‘I am not a number’ – We know all our customers and they know us.

• ‘Every consignment counts’ – From time of initial booking, up until completion of the service, we monitor every shipment.

• ‘Value for money’ – Offer a fair market price for the service provided, but win through providing the value added.

In addition, our management team comes with decades of experience and personal relationships in the transportation and supply chain industry. They apply this ‘know how’ in providing the right solution path to each service we offer. This knowledge is encompassed into the company systems, procedures and staff training plans to ensure that we always match our customer’s expectations with the end product.

Through the combined coordination of our own vehicle fleet, warehousing and stock management facility, I.T. systems, competent and experienced staff and the global network of long-established strategic partners and suppliers we can provide the broadest ranges of logistical service solutions available.

The firm’s long-term strategic business objectives remain clear. We will continue to provide a topquality service to all our clients and grow the business through new customer acquisition and long-term customer retention. We will continue to recruit and train staff to carry the same core values of the company and apply these back in our interactions with customers, partners and suppliers and the community at large.

Global network

With years of long-term relationships with transportation providers around the world, LHR Global Logistics has managed to establish a unique network of professional organisations that carry the same core values as us, in providing a quality service to their customers in their local  markets. On a daily basis – we are interacting with each of these partners in coordinating logistical solutions for our collective customer base – and following up on consignment transactions to ensure that we are delivering on the services sold.

Through this well-established service partner relationship, we can provide our complete range of service options in virtually all countries worldwide. Through a single point of contact and administration, our customers have the global reach to manage all their transport and logistics requirements.

Additionally, we are always seeking new partnerships that can enhance both the reach and scope of the product offering that we and our existing partners can provide to the client base, while at the same time giving them a well-established global network to grow with.

Network carriers

At LHR Global Logistics, we have accounts in place with all the major carriers for the movement of goods. These include all the major national airline carriers and consolidators, sea freight vessel operators and brokers and a broad range of trucking distributors from small transit operators, to full arctic trailer loads.

Affiliate programme

As part of our indirect sales activities, LHR Global Logistics also offer an affiliate programme for entrepreneurs who have the skill and knowledge in sales activities and wish to either supplement an existing income or operate independently on a full-time basis, through earning high levels of commission on sales conversion.

Joint venture & acquisition

As a company focused on growth we are always interested in talking to people that have an existing and stable, small to medium size, business in the transportation and logistics industry sector and are looking to either sell the business completely, or are looking for a partner to help invest and develop their business.

Hong Kong

Six days a week, our Hong Kong office receive instructions from both supplier and manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong and mainland China to arrange collection, customer notification and on-forwarding of consignments worldwide. These consignments range from sample products for review by potential buyers, to orders of bulk product purchase.

Due to its strategic geographical location, Hong Kong acts as an ideal gateway to mainland China and has the added advantage of a long established and efficient air and sea port, for the rapid movement of goods.

One of our most successful customer programmes involves the replenishment on a weekly, or monthly, basis of stock items manufactured in mainland China and delivered, via our Hong Kong facility, directly to the customer’s high street outlets worldwide. We are providing a winning combination – for both speed to market of the product and minimising the risk of under or over stocking the items.


Company: LHR Global Logistics Ltd.

Name: Chris Black

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: Unit 15, Heathrow Freight Centre, Saxon Way Trading Estate, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, UB7 0LW UK

Telephone: +44 (0)1753 689905


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