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Passport to Success.

Passport Career, LLC. is an online, country-specific, global job search platform that was launched by Susan Musich in 2010. Following…

Passport to Success

22nd September 2017


Passport to Success

Passport Career, LLC. is an online, country-specific, global job search platform that was launched by Susan Musich in 2010. Following the firm’s selection within the 2017 US Business Excellence Awards, we took the chance to interview the executive director & founder, to learn more about her own career background and the important work of Passport Career.

Susan Musich is the executive director & founder of Passport Career, LLC. and has 20 years of experience as an international career counsellor. She has personally coached over 10,000 individuals from more than 180 different countries.

She has worked with organisations such as Accenture, The World Bank/IFC, the United Nations, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Peace Corps and Save the Children. In her spare time, she speaks at international conferences and writes books on career planning.

Executive director & founder, Susan Musich, begins by telling us something of her own career background, including her role today at Passport Career.
“For more than 25 years, I have advised people seeking careers abroad. I am a global career expert and the founder
of Passport Career, an awardwinning online global career system and training programme that helps companies, organisations and universities/ colleges to support their diverse populations with international career interests.

“I enjoy the research of global job search and recruitment trends and the dynamics of applying strategic approaches to seeking jobs, internships or alternative activities. Over the years, I have coached more than 10,000 people and focused on developing pragmatic, real-world solutions that catapult their global careers across borders. When they succeed, I celebrate. I’ve done a lot of celebrating.

“I am grateful for the unique opportunity to expand my reach through Passport Career and inspire, motivate and educate people of all generations and nationalities to find meaningful careers in our increasingly globalised world.”

Passport Career is an online, country-specific, global job search platform designed for use by organisations looking to support the international career transitions of their mobile employees (as well as their spouses/partners) and by academic institutions looking to support the international career transitions of students, scholars, faculty and their spouses/ partners.
Passport Career was developed and launched by Susan Musich in 2010 with a cutting-edge approach and state of the art technology. Susan then moves the conversation to tell us more about the firm’s excellent work.

“Passport Career offers unique content and unmatched resources for over 80 countries and 250 cities. Like the online data and virtual travel providers that replaced travel agents, Passport Career is a groundbreaking initiative that shifts the global career support industry from the traditional brick-andmortar businesses and single channels of information (such as career counsellors and coaches), to an interconnected e-platform that provides a complex set of services in a user-friendly, easily accessible format.

“Passport Career’s unique global job search platform not only provides access to jobs in over 80 countries and 250 cities, but also includes extensive country profiles, helpful global careeroriented articles and effective self-marketing strategies not provided by other job search resources.

Passport Career also offers monthly career training events (in webinar format), a unique social network, an online help desk and much more.

“Passport Career works with and for globally-minded clients such as corporations, businesses, academic institutions, government and non-governmental entities, as well as international mobility providers. We provide comprehensive information and support for our client’s employees, spouses/partners and families in all matters concerning living and working in an international context in countries and cultures throughout the world. We also support families staying behind during unaccompanied assignments.”

In closing, what makes Passport Career successful, is certainly due to their dynamic team of more than 100 professionals who work around the globe. The staff collect and analyse data, to ensure that their content is up-to-date, relevant and packed with useful, timely and local information.

Company: Passport Career

Name: Susan Musich

Email: [email protected]

Web Address:

Address: 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 410, Washington, DC 20006 USA

Telephone: +1 703 608 4433

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