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Putting the Fine into Financial Advice.

The Finanser represents a collegiate network of companies that design and deliver digital finance for the 21st century. We profile…

Putting the Fine into Financial Advice

20th October 2017


Putting the Fine into Financial Advice

The Finanser represents a collegiate network of companies that design and deliver digital finance for the 21st century. We profile the company before Chris Skinner talks us through some of the firm’s services and how it feels to have won the awards, CEO of the Year Awards & CEO of the Year – United Kingdom (Winner Chris Skinner).

The Finanser works with a range of companies, from banks who are dealing with digital transformation programs, to fintech start-ups carving out their niche. For all types of clients, the Finanser is seen as the go to firm for vision, change, design and delivery. The other firms in the group include 11FS, the Financial Services Club, Meniga, Moven and Innovate Finance.
Holding many responsibilities as CEO, Chris has to be open, possess character and be a problem solver. Chris is a charismatic visionary known globally for his ability to see the problem and articulate the solution. A massive following on social media highlights how influential Chris can be in the world of finance and technology.

Working as an advisor to The White House, The World Economic Forum, The World Bank and many other leading organisations around the world, Chris is seen as the person who can cut through the wood to see the trees.

Being as successful as Chris has been, there are many reasons which have helped to shape his success. The key to Chris’ success has been his ability to communicate. He does this through his speeches and writing, and is a bestselling author of over 15 books. Alongside his prolific works, he also writes a blog every day at The blog is the key attributed to The Finanser’s success.

Chris has always worked with technology in finance after completing a university degree in Management Sciences, followed by a post-graduate masters in insurance. For most of his career, he worked for large US technology firms from IBM to NCR, before working independently since 2002, where he has created several successful businesses from Shaping Tomorrow to the Financial Services Club to The Finanser.

Ensuring that everyone within the company is working towards achieving the same mission and reaching the same goals,

Chris talks us through the culture within the company and how he guarantees that staff understand the values and aims of The Finanser.

“Here at The Finanser, we work in a flat organisation where everyone can talk to everyone. There is no hierarchy and no barriers, with everyone in the firm connected via Slack and other social media to ensure we feel like it is fun rather than work.”

Keeping staff happy is important to success. Chris states that he treats staff as he would wish to be treated and do not unnecessarily harsh as it can damage team morale. All of this helped to make him be selected as CEO of the Year in the CEO of the Year Awards, which leads him to explain how he feels about winning the award.

“Regarding how staff should be treated by CEOs, there is a belief that management should do unto others as you would do to yourself, and do not be evil. To win this award, I am quite surprised, shocked, flattered and honoured. Thanks.”

Concerning any advice that he would give to others looking to make success in a way similar to his own, Chris believes that practice makes perfect and success usually comes to those who deserve it.

“Success is usually deserved. I live by the sports philosophy of the harder I practice, the luckier I get. Success does not find you, you have to find it and the people who are the most successful are those who work hardest to find it. As such, my advice is to use these thoughts as a guide and work as hard as possible to achieve your goal.”

Looking ahead, Chris predicts what the future holds for The Finanser, as well as explaining what plans and projects the firm is currently undertaking, before discussing his new book and the blog he leaves on The Finanser’s website.

“Currently, there is a range of activities we are engaged in from creating venture capital funds to partnering with some of the largest companies to guide their future vision and strategy. I think these are the areas that will expand the strongest and fastest over the next decade.

“Moving forward, I have a new book called Digital Human coming up in March 2018. It is the sequel to the two previous books Digital Bank and ValueWeb. You will get an idea of what I am involved with there and, or, by reading our blog at”

Company: The Finanser

Contact: Patricia Noble

Email: [email protected]

Address: Admiral’s Cottage, Church Lane, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TE, UK

Phone: 07905862270


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