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Site Developers Build Great Company.

Site development company founder takes Canadian CEO of the Month Award in the Construction category.

Site Developers Build Great Company

2nd June 2017

Site development company founder takes Canadian CEO of the Month Award in the Construction category. Four Seasons Site Development Inc. was founded in 2003 with the aim of being one of the top 20 road construction companies in the Greater Toronto Area.


As a company of more than 100 hard-working men and women, Four Seasons pride themselves on the work they do, and building strong and effective relationships with local communities is a vital part of every project they undertake.

Just as safety and environmental considerations are of paramount importance, engaging with local communities and being sensitive to the neighbourhoods they work with is at the core of what they do. Dialogue and trust, and engaging with key stakeholders during the early stages of a project helps to ensure the outcome is aligned with community values and expectations.

Four Seasons Site Development follows industry accepted best management practices through the project management phases of planning, execution, performance monitoring and closure. In the planning phase, the project managers develop project management plans that include scope statement, work breakdown structure, communication plan and risk management plan. In the execution phase, the team assigns resources, executes the PM plan, including the sequence of required tasks and working with the client to manage any required updates to the project schedule and/or project plan.

Four Seasons use industry standard tracking systems to monitor progress and performance against quality, schedule and cost expectations in the project plan. During project closure, they routinely create a lessons‐learned document that identifies preventable issues and measures to prevent recurrence.

Four Seasons has demonstrated its ability to react quickly to the need for additional resources. This enables them to scale up and scale down very quickly on any project. This was displayed during the recent Presto implementation project with TTC/ Metrolinx. When the client’s needs changed in November 2015, and required the company to undertake three times the volume of work originally contracted and at the same time complete the project in 25% less time (12 months instead of the originally scheduled 16 months).

Four Seasons were successful in meeting these requirements, through their unique combination of highly flexible, resourceful and communicative site staff, willingness and ability to adapt to changing situations to keep projects moving forward without sacrificing quality or safety, the ability to self‐perform a very wide range of functions, which simplifies scheduling, and strong relationships with a wide range of sub‐trades able to join and integrate seamlessly with their project teams on short notice.

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