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World-Class Immigration Assistance.

The global immigration law firm of Versfeld & Hugo, LLC helps both individuals, investors and corporations across the world with…

World-Class Immigration Assistance

5th January 2017


The global immigration law firm of Versfeld & Hugo, LLC helps both individuals, investors and corporations across the world with all matters that relate to U.S. immigration, naturalization, visa and consular law. We spoke to Leon Versfeld, Managing Member of the firm to gain insight into how they have excelled in this narrow field of law and became so successful.

Versfeld & Hugo provides world-class immigration assistance with an expert team of attorneys. They have over 60 years of combined experience in U.S. immigration law, their sole area of focus. The U.S. remains one of the top destinations for immigrants from all parts of the world. The firms’ attorneys provide legal counsel to individuals as well as U.S. employers and entrepreneurs on the best and most efficient way to come to the U.S. Having personally navigated through the ever-changing immigration bureaucracy, Versfeld & Hugo can relate with the challenges and complexities their clients go through during their respective case.
We spoke to Leon Versfeld, Managing Member at the firm who explains how his personal experience with the US immigration system has helped him understand the field. He also discusses his role and what impact the company has made in their sector.

“As the managing partner for all US immigration matters, I oversee all cases with all our attorneys as it relates to US immigration. I am also in charge of our business operations in the US. Having gone through the immigration system personally, I have a great depth of understanding with the process and relate to the challenges our clients face.”

Leon has written numerous articles on US immigration and is often asked by Bar Associations and business leaders to speak on the topic of US immigration. He has been invited to present at seminars in many parts of Europe, England, Turkey, China, South Africa and Australia as well as numerous states in the US. He is the official author on US immigration for the Missouri Bar in the United States. The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association has awarded him with the ‘Continuing Legal Education Contributor of the year Award’ in 2008 and he has been recognized by his peers as one of the ‘Best of the Bar’ as it relates to US immigration; recognized by Thomas Reuters’ ‘Super Lawyers’ as one of the best US immigration attorneys and has the highest peer-review rating with Martindale-Hubbell. In 2013 and 2016, he was selected and featured by Martindale-Hubbell and American Lawyer Media’s Corporate Counsel Magazine and the American Lawyer Magazine as one of Top Rated Lawyers in immigration law.

There are many different types of clients who do business with Versfeld & Hugo. Leon explains how he handles client cases and how the company maintains neutrality, fairness and confidentiality in their cases.

“In addition to my managerial role, I mostly handle business related immigration matters for the firm. I represent Fortune 500 companies, individual investors and individuals with extraordinary abilities in sport and art. Over 90% of all our cases are handled on a flat fee basis, that allows the client to know with great certainty what the total cost will be on the case we have been hired on and allows us to focus on the work at hand rather than having a lengthy discussion every time a bill is sent. This also helps with greater efficiency.”

Company: Versfeld & Hugo, LLC
Name: Leon Versfeld
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:
Address: 4740 Grand Blvd. Suite 300 Kansas City
Missouri USA
Telephone: +1 816.891-8600

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