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Achieving the Gold Standard in Healthcare.

Aafiya is a specialised healthcare management company based out of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In May, Aafiya was…

Achieving the Gold Standard in Healthcare

12th August 2018


Aafiya is a specialised healthcare management company based out of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In May, Aafiya was recognised in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards with the title of Most Innovative New Service of the Year, for their newly-launched and exclusive ‘Dahab’ benefits programme. On the back of this win, we looked to profile the company and find out how it has distinguished itself in the highly-competitive healthcare market.

Aafiya has long been synonymous with providing an excellent standard of healthcare in the United Arab Emirates. Built on a platform of transparency, reliability, innovation, and the constant pursuit of excellence and knowledge, Aafiya is an advocate for facilitating comprehensive health insurance services across the UAE.

Launching ‘Dahab’ in December 2017, Aafiya had an aim to address discrepancies between their client’s healthcare requirements and their lifestyles. In a nutshell, Dahab is the very definition of exclusive, with a plethora of benefits for those that subscribe to the programme. From fast-track approvals, priority access, and a dedicated service team to a personalised relationship doctor, and door to door medicine delivery; Dahab is the ultimate choice for those wanting access to the very best healthcare in the region.

This, along with their commitment to value-added services for its customers, has been the
driving force of Aafiya’s enduring success; offering an adaptive, innovative response to the very real, very present demands of the sector and its clients. Dahab is only the latest development for a firm that has always had a gift for seeing the ‘next big thing’ in the sector.

With 600,000 members and counting, Aafiya’s success is undeniable. It has, in many regards, become an integral part of Dubai’s consumer services sector, a must-have commodity for those wanting a comprehensive and expert management company guiding their healthcare. This success has been reflected in the accolades it has received over the last couple of years. These awards have predominantly, celebrated Dahab’s inception, which – for many industry experts – heralded the beginning of a paradigm shift in the market.

Though, by all regards, Aafiya has long been considered one of the best insurance third party claims administrators (TPAs) in the Middle East. This is, ultimately, their legacy. Dahab
will continue to impress, but Aafiya has an intrinsic standard of excellence that runs deep, and sets a robust foundation for anything yet to come.

For their dedication to improving healthcare services in the UAE, and for the launch of their Dahab programme, Aafiya were recognised amongst the esteemed winners of the Corporate Excellence Awards. As a pioneer in the sector, moving into the luxury healthcare sector with the creation of Dahab, it looks set to dictate the future of the healthcare industry in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East as a whole.

Contact Details:

Address: Owais Building, Al Ittihad Road, Dubai, P.O. Box 232400, UAE


Telephone: 00971 4 2838 116


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